Month: December 2016

Waiakea Leads in the Water Bottled Industry

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The premier water bottled company Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, an American company founded by Ryan Emmons, leads the industry after growing more than 5,000 percent. According to Organic Authority, it is estimated that Waiakea spring had a growth of around 170 percent yearly. Waiakea Water, which is based on a triple bottom line platform, was…

Mike Baur the Swiss Start-Up Factory CEO

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Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and the founder of the Swiss Startup Factory which was launched in 2014. Mike has worked in the Switzerland banking for over 20 years, and he got a lot of experience. He is responsible for fundraising and funding of start-ups at the Swiss Start-Up factory. The Swiss Start-up Factory is…

UK Vintners – Dial Up the Holiday Wines

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The holidays are a time of fellowship and joy with our families. A festive mood and a longing to connect at a deeper level over a glass of wine is the perfect combination. UK Vintners provides some of the best wines for the season. They will guide you on the different options depending on your…

Why Adam Goldenberg Is One Of The New Faces Of Fashion

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When one thinks of the current movers and shakers within the fashion industry, certain names come to mind. Versace. Ford. But Goldenberg as in Adam Goldenberg? The young technology geek who made his name in computer gaming? What does he know about fashion? By Goldenberg’s own admission at first, not much. There’s no question that…


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