Month: November 2016

Business School Business Rules

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Methodist University Cox School appoints James Dondero to its Executive Board. James Dondero is Cofounder and President of Highland Capital Management, a Dallas based asset management firm. Highlands Capital Management already supports endowments for the school such as Highlands Capital Management Tower Scholars and the George W Bush Presidential Library and Museum. According to Insider…

Marc Sparks And The Meaning Of Success

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When a lot of people see someone as successful, a lot of different ideas go through their heads. Among the ideas that people get about the successful person is that he is lucky. Another idea that they get about him is that he is somehow better than them. Marc Sparks as a successful entrepreneur does…

Weisfogel Advances Sleep Apnea Treatment

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel has opened up a new area of treatment and study for dentists around the country. He recently founded the company Dental Sleep Masters, that focuses on a program that diagnoses and treats patients with sleep apnea. Individuals with sleep apnea can experience waking up up to 30 times a night. This can…

Raj Fernando’s Career Big Shoes

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Raj Fernando is the brilliant mind behind, an online startup that offers secure advanced communication systems to corporates. He has twenty-five years of experience in the international financial markets and a decade in technological innovations. With such extensive practice, the former CEO and founder of Chopper Trading provide exceptional insight to fellow cooperate, associates….

Helane Morrison Brings Sanity in the Corporate World

Posted by in Women in Finance

Getting employees who uphold the right ethical standards in their places of work is not a walk in the park. The corporate sector has always had a bad name due to the problem. There are no people who are honest enough to ensure that the industry is no longer corrupt and that the right procedures…


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