Month: July 2016

Lovaganza Is Helping to Bring Everyone Closer Together

Posted by in Humanitarian Efforts

Most people are filled with a great deal of compassion and empathy. When various parts of the world are hit by natural disasters almost everyone finds themselves wanting to help in whatever way they can. And the same applies to situations such as areas suffering from drought or lack of food. There’s only one problem…

Securus Technologies Dislikes Monopolies

Posted by in Business, Securus

A new and up to date topic that I have found interesting to research is the topic of the communications industry that has been growing at an exponential rate over the past several years. One of the current leading companies in the communication technology industry is Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based company that…

The Skout App’s New Investor

Posted by in Apps

The new and improved Skout app has returned with better technology, a better chatting experience, as well as a better formatted location feature. The new and improved Skout app is attributed to the new acquirement of the company on behalf of MeetMe. MeetMe has recently acquired the Skout app in order to improve the technology,…

Andy Wirth’s Plans for the Future

Posted by in Nancy Cushing, Tahoe Valley

At over 50 years of age, one businessman in particular has accomplished much in such a short amount of time. This individual is Andy Wirth and is a well-respected name for those in the mountain resort and hotel industry. Andy Wirth has always had a passion for nature and business and has always known that…


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