Month: April 2016

FreedomPop to arrive in Spain by summer

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MVNO service provider FreedomPop will be extending its service to Spain by summer of this year. Using the Application WhatApp, customers will be offered free messaging and calling regardless of usage. Originally reported on Mobile World Live, the company hopes to have between 500,000 and 1,000,000 users utilizing the service after release. Since WhatsApp accounts…

Shaygan Kheradpir Becomes New Coriant CEO

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Coriant wants to get into the meat of the cell phone market by offering direct service to customers, but they had to hire a new CEO who was going to help them make the company into a retail giant. Coriant is already a very large company, but they need someone who knows how to make…

Mobile World Live And FreedomPop Discuss Their Alternative Phone Service

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Mobile World Live talked to FreedomPop about their cell phone service, and a lot of interesting information came out of this talk. The company is a brand new voice in mobile communication, but they are not charging customers a lot of money for their phones. FreedomPop is exactly the opposite, and they are trying to…

Thor Halvorssen Speaks About The Election On FOX

Posted by in Activism, Human Rights

The 2016 election cycle has been intense. People have been repelled by every candidate. Every day, another surprise emerges. Men such as Thor Halvorssen provide a unique perspective on the contemporary election, particularly the democratic underdog, Bernie Sanders. Mr. Halvorssen believes that socialism is a deplorable economic policy. He outlined his position on socialism and…

Tenets Of A Successful Law Career

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Law is recognized to be one of the most difficult or challenging career to do all over the world. Sam Tabar is one person in the attorney and capital strategist. Sam who is also known well known for his extensive and impressive curriculum vitae and resume.Tabar went to Oxford University for his degree and later…

iFunding Founder Recognized For Being A seasonal Real Estate Investor

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Skelley adopted the concept of crowdfunding in real estate investment early enough to begin receiving recognitions. The concept he founded in 2011 has earned him an invitation to the dinner of “The Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders” a platform organized by “The Stoler Report.” The platform is an invite only, and those who attend…


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