Month: March 2016

Thor Halvorssen Explains His Views on Socialism

Posted by in Activism, Human Rights

In a recent interview with Fox News regarding issues central to the upcoming 2016 U.S. presidential election, Thor Halvorssen discusses his take on democratic socialism. In particular, Halvorssen explains why we should take pause with some of the policies being suggested by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, especially in light of real world experience with the…

Securus Proves to Be a Success

Posted by in Apps, Video Visitation Tech

Securus, the technology company that is dedicated in providing some of the most advanced communications technologies to prison has announced that it has shipped beyond 84,000 intelligent inmate devices. This goes beyond the 80,000 regular telephones that they have installed over 28 years. Thanks to the cutting edge state of the art technology, inmates can…

Helane Morrison Devastates the Glass Ceiling

Posted by in People in Business, Women in Finance

A recent Project Eve article writes candidly about how Helane Morrison devastates the glass ceiling as she continues to take the world by storm. Few people within the financial industry have shown the ability to maintain as stringent of a code of ethics as Morrison. This ability to hold herself accountable for her actions has led…

How Darius Fisher Advices On Employee Retention

Posted by in Business, Employee Satisfaction

It is no secret that if we like something we stick with it. It is also a known fact that losing employees and having to replace them costs businesses millions of dollars per year. Preventing turnover altogether is almost impossible. Although increasing satisfaction among employees can help seriously deplete employee loss. Darius Fisher offers advice…

Top Reasons To Choose Talk Fusion And Bob Reina

Posted by in Business, CEO Proflies

What types of tools will make your business successful? It takes more than just the tools, but having the right ingredients for a successful business will often help set you and your company up for a successful venture. Tools like high quality video communication platforms that your group can access when they need to talk…

The Best are Found in Texas

Posted by in Beauty Surgeons, Doctors

We’ve all heard the expression that everything is bigger and better in Texas and that includes some of the states most prestigious plastic surgeons. Among some of the states finest include; Denton Watumull, M.D, Dr. Vasdev Rai, M.D., and at the top of that list is Dr. Jennifer Walden. Jennifer Walden is a Board Certified…

Reputations Can Make or Break a Career

Posted by in Public Relations, Reputation Management

A person’s reputation is as delicate as a flower in spring’s lingering frost. Just ask Melissa Click, a professor at the University of Missouri. Videos of Click taken at a student protest did not put her in a positive light, and may have painted her as an opposer of the First Amendment. In the video…


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