Month: November 2015

Dr. Jennifer Walden Is Truly A Gifted Plastic Surgeon

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Although there are some excellent cosmetic surgeons out there today, many of them have botched surgeries for some of their patients, and they’ve given other plastic surgeons a bad name. There are several reasons why the surgery may have become botched, and in some instances, it may just be the patient’s opinion that the surgery…

Attorney Dan Newlin Looks to Help as Many as Possible

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Helping those in need has always been the aim of attorney Dan Newlin, who began his career as a law enforcement officer before moving on to become a firefighter. From the firehouse Newlin moved to law school where he completed his studies to become an attorney and make his focus the helping of others as…

Success at Citadel with Kenneth Griffin

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Ken Griffin on turtletrader was schooled at Harvard University. In his early days, at the institution, an article in Forbes Magazine impressed upon him the need to invest. It was while a second year student that he started a hedge fund with the help of his family. Friends and family were able to raise an…


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