Month: September 2015

The 990 Company is a Win-Win Real Estate Opportunity

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Real estate has been bought and sold in pretty much the same way for the past 50 years, but if you are a real estate agent, there is a new way. Greg Hauge, the founder of The 990 Company, has designed a program for realtors that attracts new business while giving customers huge savings. The…

About James Dondero

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I am James Dondero,  52 years old, and I am the president and co-founder of an acquisition company known as Highland Capital Management (HCM). I am also the Convener of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer of this great Acquisition Company. The dream of starting Highland Capital became a reality in 1993 when the…

Brad Reifler Starts a Program to Help the Middle Class Investors

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Just recently, the Forefront Capital announced its latest initiative, the Forefront Income Trust. The Forefront Income Trust is quite different from the other investment programs; it actually caters to the non-accredited investors. The founder and the CEO of the Forefront Capital, Brad Reifler, has only been focusing his efforts on the accredited investor, which actually…

The Achievements of Susan McGalla The Great

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Born in January 1, 1961 East Liverpool, Ohio in United States, Susan grew up with her two brothers and her local football coach father who never let her slack off and encouraged her, together with her mother, to work hard and present her great ideas, which in turn boosted her confidence that finally became instrumental…

Lime Crime’s Colorful Eye Makeup Products

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Lime Crime by Doe Deere is heralded as the makeup for unicorns on their website. And if unicorns were to wear makeup they likely would wear Lime Crime makeup products. Why? This makeup company is like a super color explosion. They sell products that are almost the makeup of legend. Remember when you’d go Halloween…

The Power of Facebook as an Advertising Tool

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Traditionally, Social media was considered to be used by teenagers, or may be for people who are believed to be searching spouses to form long term relationships. Over the years, this has actually changed. Many businesses have discovered the use Facebook as a valuable asset as a great tool of advertising. Many investors in Brazil…

Eucatex: Environmental And Investor Friendly

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Eucatex was founded in 1951 and started out by manufacturing panels and linings. The products the company manufactures are made from 100% eucalyptus. The company has grown to have a furniture, construction and forestry unit. Flavio Maluf was born in 1961 and is the current CEO of the Brazilian company. He is a businessman and…


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