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Niranjan Shah stands as the founder of Globetrotters Engineering Corporation, which is an engineering company that operates out of Chicago. The company that he found also offers services in architecture and construction, along with their engineering consultancy. Niranjan Shah has an impressive story that has led him to the point that he currently stands at.

Niranjan Shah was born in India and grew up in a small village there. Growing up, the village that he lived in had very little access to water and electricity. In spite of this, he tried his best to study hard in these adverse circumstances and pursued a degree in engineering from Birla Engineering College in India. Soon after completing his education in India, he decided to move to the United States to pursue a master’s degree in engineering. He decided to pursue the field of civil engineering and attended the University of Mississippi to earn his degree. Soon after, he moved to the city of Chicago where he later founded Globetrotters Engineering Corporation.

Another notable education qualification that Niranjan Shah is a degree from Harvard Bussiness School. He attended this program in order to boost his leadership skills and his ability to guide a company towards positive development.

The company first opened its doors for business in 1974 and since then has grown to become an incredibly prominent name within the engineering industry. When the company was in its initial phase, Niranjan Shah was the only person running the entire company. Over the years, the company grew and Niranjan Shah started to hire more people to help him run the company that he was building. Over the years, the company has had hundreds of employees working among its ranks, which ultimately led to the division of the various departments within the company.

Through the course of his career, Niranjan Shah has worked on several notable projects and with a wide range of clients coming to them for their engineering and architecture services. He has also worked on numerous projects for the city of Chicago, one of them being the notable Deep Tunnel Project. The company was also the recipient of the Outstanding Civil Engineering Award which was given to them by one of the most notable organizations in engineering in America.

Niranjan Shah has also worked on several other notable projects such as the redevelopment of the Midway International Airport and the construction and design of the O’Hare Airport. The company that he founded has also worked on projects for several embassies in the United States and has worked with several other federal departments to produce notable projects.

In addition to building up the company, Niranjan Shah has also been a part of numerous research publications and articles that have had a strong impact on the industry. He has also worked on a number of projects for federal agencies and has worked with several other supplementary agencies who needed research regarding certain aspects of the engineering industry and the impact that it has on society.

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Luke Lazarus is an experienced marketing expert who has been in the industry for more than twenty years. He started his first business when he was eight years and went on to become one of the most standout students both in grade and his school.

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He got scholarships to pursue his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the United States but chose to pursue higher and tertiary education in his home country, Australia.

After graduating with a Master’s in Business Administration, Luke Lazarus started his entrepreneurship journey where he has been the face and brain behind four startups.

However, Lazarus is a unique entrepreneur who is mostly focused on making a startup company succeed before he can dispose of it. He has already sold all the four startup companies that he started and made substantial profits to support his life.

However, like any other person who is passionate about what they do, Luke Lazarus has not moved out of the business world.

He is currently spending much of his time marketing and offering consultancy services to startup companies that are interested in breaking into the competitive and crowded consumer sector. He has a long list of satisfied customers that he has served in the last ten years.

His influence in the startup industry has been growing after guiding several startup companies to much-needed success. He is convincing in his approach and does not leave any stone unturned.

According to Luke Lazarus, most of the startup companies fail after five years of inception. They do not make to see their fifth birthday because they are not run professionally.

Thousands of startups that are started in various parts of the world do not live to see their future and to realize their dreams as well. Lazarus highlights that business owners should make sure they have a complete understanding of the business market before they can invest their resources.

According to Luke Lazarus, most of the companies don’t have the necessary infrastructure to attract venture capitalists who invest in various organizations to get profits when companies succeed.

Startup companies have failed to convince the limited number of investors about why they should invest in their companies. They do not have objectives, goals, and missions, which shows how they will expand and grow in the future.

Another major challenge in sourcing funds from investors is that hundreds of companies out there in the industry are not innovative enough to attract customers. Most of the entities are only investing in products and services that have been in the industry for many years. They have not been creating value for the customers.

Luke Lazarus notes that startup companies should make sure that they create value for their customers and investors as well.

He notes that the world has significantly changed, and both customers and investors must get something of value from the company for them to spend their money.

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For customers, the products on offer must solve their problems cheaply. On the other hand, investors must have a feeling that their investments will generate profits in the long term.

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As a young entrepreneur, it can be hard to get a company off the ground. Sergey Petrossov knows this better than anyone. On the other hand, his perseverance and discipline have paid off in spades. He might be young; however, his company is already a massive success and is valued at more than $1 billion. He has gotten the attention of some big-name investors including Jay-Z and the Saudi royal family. His design sounds simple on the surface; however, it has taken a tremendous amount of work. His company, JetSmarter, allows people to book a private flight from their phone. This has made the world of private travel more accessible than ever before. His company has even been compared to Uber and Lyft. Sergey Petrossov wants to make sure the company reaches its full potential.

When Sergey Petrossov first rode on a private flight, he was surprised by a number of issues. First, the private jet travel industry was already worth billions of dollars. At the same time, there were a lot of flying hours that went unused. Planes were spending time sitting in the hangar instead of flying people from place to place. Planes were also flying at far less than full capacity. Therefore, Sergey Petrossov saw an opening in the world of private jet travel. If he could find a way to fly these planes and use those seats, there would be a tremendous financial return.

That was his goal. He made booking a private flight far easier. With the push of a button, people could book a seat on a private flight. This meant that more people than ever before were using private jet travel. As a result of the increased use, the prices started to drop. Sergey Petrossov has the goal of disrupting the entire travel industry, not just the private one. This includes some of the titans of the commercial world as well.

The Grupo RBS brand has been developing its interests across much of the nation of Brazil with its addition of a socially conscious fund named for the impressive founder of the brand, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho. The company was established in 1957 when Mauricio Soritsky Sobrinho created the Radio Gaucho brand that has been a constant in the media sector of the South American nation. The RBS brand has been expanding its area of interest under the leadership of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer with the creation of the eBricks investment company.

The latest Chairman of the Grupo RBS brand has been developing the success of the company and Sirotsky family who are known largely for their work in the media. The establishment of the eBricks Ventures group has been designed by Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer as a simple way of expanding the portfolio of the group across the emerging sectors of technology and media. These new areas of investment opportunity have been focused on the interests of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer and the younger members of the family of the former leader of the media brand. To know more about RBS visit

In the last few years, the brand has been focusing on the establishment of new areas of investment interest for Grupo RBS and its founding family. The Grupo RBS brand has been expanding its areas of interest in the last few years with the leadership of Duda Melzer accepted as a major reason for the success the company has seen in changing from a print, TV, and radio-based company to become a brand specializing in online content. The eBricks Ventures investment group is playing a role in bringing new technology to the media sector with millions of individuals enjoying the work of the media group. Grupo RBS has been at the heart of the development of the media in Brazil as the country stepped forward into the 21st-century with its development as a global media leader in different sectors and across a range of sectors.

Jeremy Goldstein is a top US lawyer with a distinguished career in a very specialized field of the law – mergers and acquisitions. It takes a lawyer with a special skill set to work in this field. As an attorney working solo, to work in this industry you must have experience in finance, business and contract law. Jeremy Goldstein has all of that and more. His broad range of eclectic talents have led him to excel in this field.

Who Is Jeremy Goldstein?

Jeremy is most notable for the role he played in closing some of the largest deals in modern history. He helped in the acquisition of South African Breweries, Sears, Alltel, Time Warner, and even J.P. Morgan and Chase.

Most major corporations know the name well, and are always eager to work with him because of his abilities in mergers and acquisitions.Over the years, Jeremy Goldstein has acquired experience in corporate finance, commercial banking, organizational management and he brings his knowledge of all fields to the table when working on a merger deal. Goldstein excels where others fail and often CEOs prefer to work with this one powerhouse rather than a team. They often feel a team of attorneys is not as effective in corporate acquisitions as a sole individual who can meet face to face and bring the deal together.

Jeremy Goldstein with his years of experience masters the challenge of pulling all the details together. He ensures that these complex contracts are legally viable and that all assets, parties and contracts reflect the idea of the negotiation.

When negotiating a merger an attorney like Jeremy Goldstein is critical to the process because he has the expertise necessary to identify the glitches and help CEO’s to continue with or break the deal off.

He Believes in Fast Action

Goldstein believes in coming to an agreement quickly. When a merger draws out, it can become too easy for one of the parties to side line, become interested in some other project and pull out of the deal. Goldstein pushes a deal forward so that they complete as quickly as possible. Therefore, Jeremy Goldstein has created an important niche for himself where CEOs see him as a real asset to the acquisition process.

HIs Way Is Unique

Jeremy Goldstein believes an attorney-client relationships should be personal and informal. Most law offices find clients through referrals or public marketing channels, taking whatever cases come their way. Goldstein does things differently. He believes a client should be a friendly working relationship. He meets his clients at dinner parties, through other friends or social events in New York City. He believes that when a client and legal specialist can work together amicably, the come to understand each other and the legal professional can help the CEO find the appropriate growth for the company.

His Charities

Goldstein believes that he meets the best clients at social events in New York. He began frequenting social events to grow his business but found he loved attending them. So he began hosting events for charity. He works with local community organizers to ensure that events have the resourcesthey need. Just recently, Goldstein hosted a Gala in New York city where the dinner plate was $5,000 which went to a great cause, the Fountain House, a charity he helps run.


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The anti aging industry has been gaining a lot of media attention lately with new products being offered almost daily for this cause. Jason Hope knows that there has to be a solution to slowing down the effects of aging and has dedicated himself to working with companies that want to see this solution come about. He works tirelessly with companies and charitable organizations throughout the world in order to further his goal.

Jason Hope holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and is an investor and philanthropist. He uses his knowledge in financing in order to help struggling up and coming companies to gain the financing they need to progress. His focus is on the anti aging industry and has recently donated over half a million dollars to the SENS Research Foundation. This organization has been studying the effects of aging and what can be done to stop it. They are researching finding cures for degenerative diseases and with donations from Jason Hope and others, they were able to open a new laboratory where they can conduct this research.

Jason also has a blog where he puts his views on technology and how it can be used by any industry to further their business. He has seen the advancement of technology products, especially the smartphone industry, and knows that with each advancement, the future could change drastically. Using up to date technology in research is imperative as it only increases the chances of finding cures to any number of diseases.

Jason Hope has spends his off time at his home in Phoenix, Arizona and he is an avid reader. He can often be found hiking through one of the many trails located in Arizona. He spends a lot of his time with his family and business associates, learning all that he can.

After the private equity firm known as Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 by business partners Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman and Randal Nardone, it eventually grew to become one of the most successful businesses of its kind. Headquartered in New York, the firm manages over $40 billion in assets for clients all around the world. It has a focus on investing in distressed assets, which is the kind of debt that other investors are not likely to put funds into, and that can be purchased from banks that are forced to sell them off due to the fact that they are considered to be risky and non-performing. Because regulatory changes and shareholder demands cause banks to have to continue to get rid of these types of assets, Fortress Investment Group takes advantage of being able to buy them at low prices, then the company sells them at higher rates to make large profits. Check out to learn more about fortress investment group.

In 2007, Fortress Investment Group became the first firm of its size to be publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange, and due to its rapid growth, it was named Hedge Fund Manager of the Year by Institutional Investor magazine, and Management Firm of the Year by HFM Week, a news and information publication for the global investment industry. As of the middle part of 2019, the company had over 1,000 employees who handle asset management for its more than 700 international clients and private investors. In addition to being highly experienced in strategic investing practices, Fortress Investment Group is also knowledgeable in the area of corporate acquisitions and mergers. Its founders had been a part of the financial industry for a number of years before starting the business. Peter Briger, who is a Principal at the firm, and its Co-Chairman, held a position at Goldman Sachs and Company for 15 years before joining Fortress, and its other top executives also worked within other businesses in this sector. Co-founder Wes Edens worked as a Managing Partner at the Black Rock Financial Management firm, and he is the owner of the NBA team known as the Milwaukee Bucks, as well as several other sports teams.


Benzodiazepines, also known as benzos, consist of things like Xanax, Valium, Ambien, Ativan, and Klonopin. While yes benzodiazepines is often prescribed to treat conditions like seizures and anxiety, it can be very dangerously addictive. The American Addiction Centers want everyone to be aware of these kind of dangers.

The National Institute of Drug Abuse, NIDA, says that the number of adults that are prescribed benzodiazepines has increased by 67% from the year 1996 to 2013. The way most of these kinds of drugs work on the brain is by increasing the activity of the chemical that causes a calming or drowsy effect called GABA.

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Over long periods of time, the patient might end up needing larger doses in order to achieve the same therapeutic effect. This process is known as tolerance. This can lead to them developing a dependency or even cravings for the drugs. If the patient decides to suddenly stop taking the drugs, they would look at experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, including death.

Benzos can also cause dopamine surges that the patients brain will associate with reward and joy. Because our brains are wired to repeat activities that bring us pleasure, these surges will cause the neural connectivity that cue these people to repeat activities to change.

The brain cells start to insistently call for the drug, and this call is very hard to ignore. This is what makes the addiction develop.

In one recent article, Dr. Lawrence Weinstein, an addiction expert and the chief medical officer at the American Addiction Centers, talks about benzodiazepine addiction.

They share very important information like what the warning signs are, what withdrawal symptoms look like, and even treatment for it. This is what doctors really want you to know about benzo addiction:

Benzodiazepines should not be what you choose first.

Dr. Weinstein warns that benzodiazepines would not be a good idea to have as your first treatment option. Majority of patients use them as a second or even a third line of defense so they have a very clear end in sight.

He also says that if your doctor does prescribe benzos as your first option then you need to have a very thorough discussion about all the side effects and the signs of addiction or tolerance increase.

Weinstein states that in situations like this education will be the safety net that helps you through this short- term treatment plan. Since there is a high chance of tolerance or addiction, benzos is not a good choice for any long- term treatment.

The addiction risk is increasing

The number of people who use benzodiazepines is continuing to increase. Dr. Weinstein said that a study was done in 2018 and it found that 1 in 8 adults had used benzos within the past year. A whopping 17% of those adults ended up misusing the drug.

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The increased number of users means that the number of people that could be suffering form benzo addiction is also increasing. Mind you, intentional abuse in not extremely common. Weinstein warned that it can only take a few months (if even that) for someone using benzos to become dangerously addicted.

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The state of Michigan has been one of the most important to the economy of the U.S. throughout its life because of the high number of industries located there. In the 21st-century, much of the state has been struggling following the 2008 financial crisis and earlier because of the restrictive demands of the labor laws. In the last few years, Michigan-based philanthropist and entrepreneur, Dick DeVos has been pushing forward with plans to ensure the economic and social future of the Grand Rapids region of the state.


For Dick DeVos, the success he has achieved as a business leader has allowed him the chance to work on various philanthropic campaigns that have had a positive impact on the people of the state. Across Michigan, Dick DeVos identified the restrictive labor laws as a reason for the lack of economic advance in the 21st-century. One of the main campaigns worked on by DeVos and his family was the move to eliminate the laws stating all workers in certain industries had to be members of unions. By removing these laws, Dick DeVos helped to widen the employment market for millions of workers across the state and open up new industries for the future.


In 1989, Dick DeVos and his wife, the incumbent Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos established a charitable foundation that has provided funding for programs inside and out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation does not publicize much of the giving of the couple but it has been revealed the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has given over $130 million to charitable groups from 1989 to 2015. The lack of praise being sought for the good works of both Dick and Betsy DeVos has shown the couple is not looking for praise for their work and are doing their philanthropic deeds for the correct reasons.


Dick DeVos has also taken a keen interest in the way the city of Grand Rapids is developing across the coming years. One of the main areas of concern for the DeVos family is that the Grand Rapids region of Michigan will develop in the correct way for the future. BY making sure the city has what is known as the Grand Plan in place for the future, Dick DeVos believes the city will grow in importance in the economy of the state and the nation as a whole. Both Dick and Betsy DeVos have become powerful supporters of the reform of the education system across the state of Michigan and the rest of the U.S. By backing charter schools in the state of Michigan and around the U.S., the DeVos family are showing these programs can prove a success for the future of the students of the U.S.


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Deciding on which college to go to can be quite a task. After all, college is directly connected with what you will be doing for the rest of your life. It is supposed to be the place where you go to for career skills and connections. Not going to the right college could result in less opportunities. On top of it, the college experience, in and of itself, can be quite stressful. The best thing is to learn about the experiences that people have at particular colleges before you apply to those college. Here is the experience of Sam Bear.

In the beginning of the day, Sam wakes up around 9 am. He lives in Commodore Dormitory, which is a dormitory built specifically for freshmen. It is conveniently located in Downtown San Francisco. There is a location where a shuttle bus stops for students. Students must show their IDs in order to get a free ride to any part of the campus. San Francisco is the best place for Academy of Art University because of many reasons. There are many old and new buildings mixed in with each other, which provides endless inspiration for art students. Street art is plentiful, and the weather is absolutely beautiful. After all, it is the West Coast, and the West Coast is known to have mild weather when compare to the East Coast.

Sam attends the School of Motion Pictures and Television. He goes to two different classes, and his schedule gives him enough time for study, collaboration and relaxation.

The school was founded in 1929 by the Stevens family. It has been the only privately owned art school in the United States. Ever since its opening, it has been dedicated to teaching younger generations important skills for the industry.

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