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OSI Food Solutions has tremendously grown over the years. Currently, it is the largest supplier of nutritional products across the globe. The institution has numerous facilities in different states and over 20,00o employees in these facilities. OSI is a private institution that provides its food resources to food processing plants across the globe. It also offers processing plants with a business partner with a vast portfolio and worldwide popularity. OSI Food Solutions is currently a prominent institution operating in the global market, but it started a local family-owned business.

OSI Food Solutions started in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky. Otto Kolschowsky was a foreigner in America; he had been staying in the United States for about two years before he decided to venture into business. Otto had relocated to America from Germany and had arrived in the country by boat accompanied by his family. When it began, it was a small meat supplier in Oak Park, Illinois. Though it has expanded to its current status, one thing about OSI has not changed, and that is its headquarters.

Several years later after its launch in 1928, Otto named the firm Otto & Sons. The following years involved the growth and development of the firm. It developed an excellent reputation in the local region and was known as the best supplier of high-quality meat. As their expansion continued, Otto Kolschowsky acquired contracts from several companies. In 1955, he acquired one of the essential partnerships to the firm’s growth. Ray Kroc of McDonald’s had received permits to launch restaurants in several regions. One of these restaurants got launched in Des Plaines, Illinois, which resulted in Ray contacting Otto $ Sons for business. Otto & Sons were the primary suppliers of meat patties to the restaurant.

Later on, in 1973, Otto $ Sons opened up its first meat processing plant. The plant majorly manufactured burger patties and also had equipment for freezing mat products. Two years later the company officially became OSI Food Solutions but retained the O and S from Otto & Sons. The two letters were meant to be a reminder of the company’s past.

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Going over the deal with Equities First Holdings

There are a wide number of loaning options for business owners to choose from. Many are legit businesses that will give out a good loan toward their clients and will help them through the process of paying it of, while others are a bit too shady to do proper business with. Banks should always be looked at the first legit option to go to for a loan, but only a handful of people can truly apply due to credit related reasons. Other options to look to would be Equities First Holdings. This company is described to be an alternative loaning company that manages to even rival banks with its services. This company is well received across the world and has been able to help out hundreds of business owners to start up a business and help them pay off their loans too.


Greg Blatt, the former Chairman, and CEO of MatchGroup is from New York, New York. He began his college years in 1986 when he attended Colgate University. He received his Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature/ Letters, and Economics as well. Blatt finished in 1990. He then transitioned to the Columbia Law School in 1992 and received his Doctor of Law: JD. He finished in 1995 (Gazetteday).


Roles at the Online Dating Companies

Greg has had many jobs under the category of online dating. For example, he has held high positions at the three companies of Tinder, Match Group, as well as IAC from 2009-2017. Blatt was the CEO for MatchGroup and Tinder, he was the chairman and executive chairman. Before the year 2009, he worked at IAC as the executive vice president in general counsel. All those roles Greg Blatt served in reflected that he could work in all those different areas. It also painted a picture of the value of the ability he has to sustained success and keep his flexibility.


Jobs Prior to the Dating Jobs

A job Greg Blatt worked at before those dating companies was Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. There, he became well known for the work he did as an EVP in the roles of general counsel and business affairs. He also engaged in senior roles with the company. Beforehand, he served several law firms as an associate from 1995 to 1999.



Studying law has aided Blatt in taking up various leadership positions. A reason for the relationship of both business and law is the discipline sense obtained while heading to a law degree. The Doctor of Law and the time spent at the various law firms have been instrumental in the background of Blatt. Finally, something that has taken Blatt long way is focusing on one industry and going deep into the field’s experience. Blatt was able to bring into every new position direct and actionable experiences.


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Bennett Graebner has done so much throughout the course of his time within the entertainment sector. There are so many individuals everywhere who are more than familiar with all the fruits of his labors. Who is this indomitable individual in Hollywood, California? Bennett Graebner is among The Bachelor’s producers. Since The Bachelor is a top television program in the United States, it can be difficult to come across professionals who have resumes that can even compare to Graebner’s.

He’s undoubtedly paid all of his dues and then some. Although Bennett Graebner is frequently linked to his contribution to The Bachelor, he’s been a factor on so many other incredible television programs throughout his illustrious career. He doesn’t concentrate solely on television. Movies are yet another highlight in his vocation. Graebner’s place of birth is the Upstate region of New York. His existence commenced in Buffalo in New York (EW).

He currently resides thousands and thousands of miles away from that East Coast city in warm and inviting Los Angeles. He doesn’t reside solo in The City of Angels, either. He’s constantly in the company of his two little kids. He has an incredible and supportive wife by his side as well. He’s been blissfully married to her for years. Bennett Graebner isn’t a guy who believes in sleeping in and rising later in the morning. He typically rises at just 6:00 when the planet is still dark. Once he exits his cozy bed, he runs for roughly four miles or so. Ample exercise is practically a way of life for this professional. Once his jogging session is totally complete, he rewards himself with the gift of coffee. He consumes significant levels of the caffeinated beverage.

Since Bennett Graebner is employed in the production sector, he’s perpetually hunting for new concepts that appeal to him. He retrieves concepts in all sorts of fascinating ways as well. He regularly retrieves them through reading material. He sometimes even receives concepts via exhaustive conversations with his buddies. Graebner doesn’t like to be around people who are unpleasant in any sense. He relishes being around team players.

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UNITEL has been making a name for itself with the help of Isabel Dos Santos, the chairperson for the telecommunications giant located in Angola. Some of the efforts that have been made by UNITEL have brought telecommunication to new parts of the country which is helping with its development. The company has done well under the leadership of Isabel and it is becoming a well-known name in communication thanks to some of the efforts that she has helped to lead. She has been an entrepreneur for many years and during this time has held many different positions in multiple industries. Many times, she has either founded or led the company that she is working with. Some of the areas that she has done business in include finance, technology, construction, energy, entertainment, education, and several others.


The billionaire Isabel Dos Santos has earned the title of the richest woman in Africa and she has become an inspiration to women across the world who are hoping to make it in the world of business. While she was born in the country of Angola, where her father served as President, Isabel Dos Santos attended school in England for both her primary and secondary education.


While she was studying electrical engineering at King’s College, she also was able to develop a firm understanding of problem-solving as well as technology. Isabel Dos Santos has brought he strong skill set to UNITEL and believes that emerging technology will be vital in the growth and success of the telecommunications company. She recently spoke at the ECR Africa Summit where she represented not only her country but also the community of entrepreneurs in Africa.


Dos Santos stated at this event that Africans needed to be able to start competing globally when it comes to technology. Isabel Dos Santos believes that more people and organizations need to start investing in developing infrastructure throughout the country. She believes that this is vital in making the continent able to compete on a global level with countries that are more developed. She believes that if Africans are given access to better communications, they will be able to start participating in global commerce.

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Oren Frank is an entrepreneur who is stepping into a sector that would need to have more players that are willing to step into the segment of society. What sector is this? That aspect of mental health.

As more people in this world find that there is more distress and issues that they face within the world due to interactions, hostilities and other factors, people like Oren Frank can help to make the world a better place overall.

They can do a service and enliven the world. Many who seek to be like Oren Frank can learn from general business tips.

Oren Frank has been able to traverse the journey that is mental health and is still pushing forward to bring about a better life for more people. As they are able to get help and ease their stress, they are likely to last longer and do well. Read more about Oren Frank at

Want to Be a Successful Business Owner? Be a Creator, Not a Follower

Thanks to the evolving landscape of the business world, those who want to make it big as a business owner are leaning more towards bringing innovative solutions to the market than playing upon tried-and-tested ideas.

This points to an environment where business owners are transforming to become entrepreneurs – the creators of innovative ideas in the face of high demand and tricky solutions. This makes sense as well, since being an entrepreneur comes with a chance to achieve enormous levels of success; which doesn’t come with a conformist business model.

But as comforting as the thought of becoming an entrepreneur might be, it is not an easy feat to achieve. After all, to become an entrepreneur, you need to sail against the tide and make your own rules as you go – with no guarantee to succeed. Learn More:

Serge Belamant is an innovative man with the capabilities stated in his work that will pave the way for success to rival the accomplishments of even Mark Zuckerberg. BlockChain Technology constitutes records that are connected and linked together and are usually encrypted. This method was originally used to develop more understanding and transparency in business models of the modern era, but this also includes providing services to customers. Block Chain Technology has the capabilities to address some of the old dinosaur technologies still in place today and effectively implement strategies to overcome such issues. The technology is being added to businesses across the country and continues to evolve into a more viable way of implementing effective business practices.

Serge Belamant is the founding patent holder for BlockChain technologies and is proudly expanding our understanding of technology and the new possibilities it may represent. His technology plays a key role in the smart tech universe and has made it possible to achieve various goals of gaming in hotels and other places previously limited. He has implemented as an effective encryption technique that can keep your data more secure. To add another vault of security, each transaction must be verified by an individual entity, making it almost impossible for harm to fall your way in the dangerous tech market we can attest to.

Securing financial transactions is just one of the many uses for this BlockChain Technology and Serge Belamant has the system down to an effective and innovative science that will mold how transactions are accomplished for future endeavors. Serge Belamant majored in computer science but left before he could finish his degree. This, however, has not shaped his success in the slightest as he is on the road towards great things by using what vast knowledge he did gain to propel him forward. This also includes his own creative prowess in innovative technology and safe data transfers. He has developed intricate computer models and applied them to our everyday lives. His passion and drive for technology safety are undoubtedly one he shares with many of the giants and equally impressive!

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Dan Bethelmy-Rada has been working on the R.A.W hair and skin care products for the last two years. Bethelmy-Rada is working together with his team at Matrox to provide consumers with goods that are 100% natural. Since natural goods are in high demand, Dan Bethelmy-Rada saw this as a valid business opportunity to work. Bethelmy-Rada is developing beauty products that will ensure individuals globally make use of goods that are natural in all aspects. Most people out there are in search of products that are entirely obtained from nature and are not only made with some elements of naturalness. With the manufacture of R.A.W in process consumers with getting natural products in the market quickly. Matrix is working together with L’Oréal to create R.A.W products.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is looking to process goods that are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. The processes used to manufacture R.A.W make of biodegradable and recyclable elements. The products are entirely chemical-free and come from sources present in the environment. Bethelmy-Rada makes use of the principles of green chemistry while manufacturing and creating R.A.W. The life cycle of each element used to design R.A.W is examined to help in determining recyclable aspects and those that should get consumed entirely. The ingredients used in R.A.W are extracted from vegetation. Dan and his team had to work carefully with regards to the environment to come up with products that were of high quality.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada had to ensure that his tram complied with the principles of green chemistry and that they did not interfere with nature. The research was carried out to enhance the quality and standard of goods produced. The study was vital to the manufacture of R.A.W. Dan Bethelmy-Rada invested a lot on research and obtaining suitable natural elements, which was worth it since he managed to make R.A.W a success. The Matrix team had to work fast and within a limited period to supply hair and skin products to the market as soon as possible. Dan had to find platforms that would help in spreading the message of the R.A.W goods. He majorly made use of social media platforms.


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More than two decades have gone by since Luke Lazarus started off his career in business and management. Today, Luke is mostly focused on consulting work, specifically for startup companies throughout Australia, and he is currently based out of Melbourne. He can help new startups come up with successful building plans and manage their growth while providing steady insight to prioritize the most critical decisions and projects.

The markets can be volatile, especially with so much competition out there. Despite this, there is plenty of opportunities out there for new businesses to come about and be successful, though the chances they blow up are quite slim.

According to various experts, anywhere from 75 to 90 percent of all startups fail within their first five years of business. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise when job growth has been continuing to slow down, but it does represent a problem that people like Luke Lazarus are out there trying to remedy.

Luke Lazarus has been a successful entrepreneur longer than most, starting off his very first business before hitting double digits. Since then, Luke has been focused on being an entrepreneur, which he has shown a tremendous talent for. Read more: Luke Lazarus – and Luke Lazarus Profile |

Not only did Luke prove to be a worthy academic, but his talent extends into various different industries as well, including sports. With his degrees in hand and his academics over, Luke spent nearly a decade starting up four different companies, all of which were successful and later sold off by Luke.

Financial independence came for Luke Lazarus by the time he was 35 years old, at which time he decided to focus his efforts on consulting, rather than starting on new entrepreneurial prospects.

Luke has already made enough money to live on the rest of his lifetime, and he found that money was no longer a driving factor in his work, which is why he wants to help others achieve their own dreams of successful entrepreneurship.

Now, Luke’s approach to startup companies is non-traditional compared to other consultants, but perhaps that is why he has become so effective at helping new startups become multi-million dollars companies.

Learn more about Luke Lazarus:

Q&A With Luke Lazarus, Startup Consultant

Cyrus Moghadam is a student at Stanford University who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in history. He enrolled at Stanford in 2014 and is getting close to graduating. In 2016, he took part in an oversea’s study program that took him to Brasenose College, an extension of the University of Oxford. Read more about Cyrus Moghadam at Medium.


He grew up in the greater Deerfield, Massachusetts area. Cyrus Moghadam completed his secondary studies at Deerfield Academy. This school was established in 1797. It has students that study for the day at school as well as students that board at it.

He has enjoyed participating in three sports during his college and secondary educational years. When younger, he took part in men’s rowing, wrestling, and football. Once he entered college he started to play men’s lacrosse, including being a member of the blue men’s lacrosse team at Brasenose College. He has also performed sports analytics. View:


Cyrus Moghadam has interned in Seattle twice. Both times in this city he interned at Bridge33 Capital. This is a company that is in the retail real estate market. He learned property management, advanced spreadsheet skills, and underwriting. He also interned for a summer at Seniorly in 2015 which is a company that helps older people find assisted living.


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