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For those living in Brazil, it is always a good idea to work with a lawyer that you can trust. The reason a lot of people struggle to find a good lawyer is because they do not know who to go to and who to hire for their needs. This is why it’s imperative to research several different lawyers to find the one who is right for you and who is going to help with the different cases that you need to open in a court of law. With the right lawyer, you’ll be sure to get the help that you need to win your case and receive adequate compensation.

One of the best lawyers in Brazil is known as Ricardo Tosto. Ricardo Tosto has worked for years within the field and has helped dozens of people who have been going to court. Ricardo Tosto will be able to represent you in a court of law so that you are not having to do this on your own. Plus, Ricardo Tosto has the experience behind him to get the job done in a way that is highly beneficial for you. Also, Ricardo Tosto has the education behind him to let you know you’re hiring a true professional. Not only has he studied law and all that goes into representing a client in court, but he has also gone to university for business administration, enabling him to run a business that benefits those who require his services.

Ricardo Tosto is a prime choice for individuals who know that they need a professional to represent them in a court of law. Working with a variety of different clients has given this professional the edge to help people in need when they have a case coming up in court. Before you represent yourself in court and possibly lose the case, Ricardo Tosto can assist you and talk with you when it comes to getting the right type of help for your needs. Be sure to contact Ricardo Tosto for more information or to hire him to get you started on a case that you need done.

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Working as a campaign field organizer is hard work, and while it’s often rewarding as NGP VAN points out, it is also filled with time consuming tasks. Figuring out where to send your staff of volunteers is probably the duty that takes the longest. Cutting turf, as it is known, can take hours. NGP VAN is a DC based privately owned company that helps out the DNC.

Say Goodbye to Cutting Turf

Distributed Canvassing is a new program designed to shave hours off the process of figuring out walk lists and staring at maps. Now organizers can spend their time doing the work they really want to do- effecting change in their communities.

The NGP VAN program changes the workflow for the better. It allows you to program the amount of doors you want knocked on and how many staff members or volunteers are in the field. It then cuts the turf for you, distributing each list of homes to the canvasser based on their location.

How it Was Developed

The DNC came up with a program called Knock 10 in 2017 and NGP VAN Distributed Canvassing helped develop the application. The point of the app was to simplify the process of getting people more involved in voter outreach. Once the app was downloaded, it would point out the nearest 10 registered voters in the vicinity of the canvasser.

Distributed Canvassing fine tuned the NGP VAN app, allowing field organizers more leeway in cutting turf. This has opened the doors for more activists to get involved and hopefully stay involved too.


Campaign organizers have had nothing but praise so far. They love the amount of time saved though they are concerned about training staff in its proper use. They also are hesitant in trusting it for certain types of turf, since obviously not all neighborhoods are the same, and nor are the canvassers all professionals. Developers have taken this feedback into account and the NGP VAN team is fine tuning the program.

Distributed Canvassing is currently in beta testing and is available now.

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The easiest technique of payment has been created by 2 companies. PSI Pay and Kerv Wearables have formed a partnership to form the new contactless payment rings. They unveiled them for retail last year, in 2017. The market has responded very well to the rings. They’re new and exciting. The good factor regarding the contactless payment rings is the freedom it provides customers. It offers customers the flexibility to decide on however they procure their products and services. The rings are meant to be simple and trendy. There’s no requirement to sign a receipt, PSI Pay has insured, and it doesn’t need a personal identification number to work.


The ring is really easy to use as a result of it’s contactless payment model. The payment may be created by presenting the ring to a businessperson of your selection. It slips on your hand simply, and it’ll go well together with your favorite outfit. The rings are updated so that they are on the market in many alternative colors. PSI Pay has created fourteen colors on the market for customers. They are available in steel, orange, gray, white, blue, and others. The rings don’t connect with your phone, and that they don’t require a mobile application to work. They are not going to connect with your checking account either, the ring has its own account to store an amount of digital currency. Shoppers can love how simply they’ll create purchases by moving their hand near a contactless payment pad. The dealing is done instantly. Because the ring doesn’t work off of a charger, there’s no internal battery that ever needs changing. PSI Pay attracts electricity from the contactless payment pad and powers itself. PSI Pay has equipped the rings with sturdy encoding, thus all of your data is totally safe and secure. Nobody will be able to steal your data or hack into your ring.


PSI Pay has created use of the European wallet model. The profit in the current model is that funds are kept for future use within the digital case. The case may be loaded by PayPal, a checking account, a credit card, or alternative payment card. Once the case is loaded, it’s just like the client has purchased E money. The funds are keep at their worth, and they will simply be changed into a native currency. This technique of wallets is ideal for purchasers that would like a payment system to use for traveling.

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Sean Penn is a noted movie writer, now he has ventured into the position of being the author of a novel. His work received some controversial reviews, even before it was officially released. The title of the book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, would give the first impression of being a book about men who are constantly asked by wives to do this, or do that. Men who are determined to please their wives by doing every task that is requested. But, that is not the premise behind Sean’s new novel.

In the book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, you find a character who has done some very out of the ordinary things. From murder by mallet, to selling septic tanks to members of the Jehovah Witness. This man has accidentally rescued prisoners from a foreign prison, to setting up a fireworks display for dictators. This book instantly became the topic of interest to many people on social media, as it went viral before release. Sean was interviewed about his work recently. When asked if he had experienced any similarities to his movie, The Indian Runner, he replied that it was just the way he saw the country. He admitted to being a big fan of Harry Crews, who had a part in the movie.

For Sean, his is inspired with the fact that authors have the freedom of words, as opposed to having one writer who may have influenced him. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was originally an audio book. Penn did this as a means of getting the book out to the public before the elections because publishing was very time consuming. Penn was asked about the chances he took in his debut novel, and he replied that at age 57, he was very free with his words, and that he could go all the way without any inhibitions. Sean had only attempted to write one or two pages in the past, but when he realized that he would not have any interference from life, he really had fun writing the novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.

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Since Randal Nardone knows how to help the Fortress Investment Group, he knows there are things he can do to help others. He also knows what will happen if people try to do things and they can’t make them work the right way. As long as he knows how people can benefit from different situations, he knows there will be a chance of success for Fortress Investment Group. There are times when people might not know what they can get from the business. Because they don’t see the help they can experience, they don’t know what all is lurking beneath Fortress Investment Group.Now that Softbank owns Fortress Investment Group, they’re doing what they can to help the company grow even more. They want people to know there are things that will happen and there are opportunities people have to be successful. It is their goal to give back to the company and to the people who make up the company.

As long as Randal Nardone can help people understand the opportunities they have, he knows what will happen and how things get better for all the people. Those who choose to invest with Fortress Investment Group now get the guarantee of having Softbank back up those investments. Softbank spent a lot of time learning more about Fortress Investment Group. They wanted their acquisition to go smoothly so they could try different things and make sure the company stayed what made it unique. They also knew people would do things the right way if they were getting the help they deserved.

For Softbank, Fortress Investment Group was a way to actually get investing opportunities into their bank model. They want to show people that investing is great and using an investment company like Fortress Investment Group is the way to go. If they can experience more opportunities as a result of Fortress Investment Group, Softbank will be pleased.Even though Randal Nardone is a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, he hopes to stay active in the company. He helped navigate Fortress through being acquired by Softbank. He wanted people to realize there were things he could do to make it better on them. He also knew there were ways they could grow their business. As long as Fortress Investment Group is successful with Softbank, Randal Nardone feels he will continue working with the company for years to come while helping clients. Learn More.

Leading a company that has been around for over a hundred years and which stands as a pinnacle for success in its field might be a hard job for most people, but for Sheldon Lavin, it’s all in a day’s work. As the CEO of OSI Group, the future of the meat processing and manufacturing giant rests on his shoulders. Being experienced in the field is something that has aided Lavin as he progresses through the field and stands as a notable name in the industry. The meat processing and food industry is always something that fascinated Lavin since the beginning of his career, and this love for the sector has helped him progress professionally and has led him to be able to stand at one of the most prominent and influential positions at the company.

Lavin has played an essential role in the recent developments that the company has been seeing during the past few years. Being proficient in the field, he has been able to implement a number of positive strategies and business developments that have helped the company grow significantly. One of the more prominent developments that the company has been experiencing under the leadership of Lavin was its international expansion. Lavin knew that with how well the company was doing in North America, there was a lot of scope for the company in international markets. Moreover, he was able to identify the places where meat suppliers were in high demand and set up OSI units there. Within a short span of time, the number of manufacturing units of OSI Group increased significantly, making it a meat producer that stands as an international giant.

Another area which Lavin has benefited the company is in the field of technological development. For the company to truly move along with the times, Lavin saw it necessary to improve the machinery that was being used and implement better processing units. He also knew that there was a need for the company to switch to more environment-friendly and sustainable production techniques, which is what he helped improve as the CEO of OSI Group. Because of his efforts, OSI Group is now a company that focuses on sustainable development and does its part to contribute to a better environment.

Sheldon Lavin has indeed been an incredibly beneficial leader to OSI and will continue to extend his guidance to the company for the future endeavors that are yet to come.

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Ricardo Tosto is a prominent legal expert in Brazil. He is focused on expanding his company in the coming years. With the strong economic growth in Brazil, he is currently managing more clients than he can handle. He recently hired an attorney to help him with the workload.

Ricardo Tosto enjoys interacting with small business owners. Many small business owners have limited legal knowledge. One of the most significant challenges facing business owners is understanding how to protect themselves financially. Ricardo Tosto helps business owners incorporate their company for maximum financial protection.

College Experience

Ricardo Tosto wanted to become a lawyer at a young age. He worked hard to get into law school. Law school is difficult and expensive. Ricardo Tosto worked at a small legal firm to help pay his bills during school. After he graduated, the legal firm offered him a permanent position.

Helping Clients

Ricardo Tosto is a successful attorney because he enjoys helping clients with their issues. Some legal experts do not enjoy interacting with clients. Ricardo Tosto strives to give every client an excellent value for his services.

Over the years, Ricardo Tosto has created various products and services to help clients with the legal process. He plans to expand his services in the future.

Next Steps

Ricardo Tosto is excited about the future of his company. Not only are sales increasing, but he is making a positive impact in the lives of his clients. The demand for legal services continues to increase. Ricardo Tosto is working on a website to help customers get immediate answers to various legal questions. Ricardo youtube channel

The previous sheriff of Maricopa County was Joe Arpaio and he has been pardoned by President Donald Trump. Arpaio was convicted for ignoring the order of a federal judge and pardoned before sentencing. Ten years previously he was responsible for the false arrest of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

These men owned the Phoenix New Times and told the truth regarding the reprehensible actions of the sheriff and exposed numerous scandals. They were removed from their homes in the dead of night and taken to jail in unmarked vehicles.

The charges were dropped and Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were released within 24 hours. They sued Maricopa County and eventually received a settlement for $3.75 million. The pair used the money to create the Frontera Fund. They began fighting for the civil rights of the Mexican migrant workers so badly abused due to the bigotry of Arpaio. The Frontera Fund works with many nonprofit organizations to help the migrant workers.

Michael Lacey described the conditions during the six terms Arpaio was in office. He spoke of the brutal conditions in the jails, the deaths by beatings and the suicides. Arpaio diverted in excess of $100 million meant for the jails.

There were sex crimes involving children, harassment of Latinos and nonexistent investigations. The final result was the conviction of Joe Arpaio. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin believe the justice system failed because Arpaio was never held accountable for the prisoners killed, tortured and abused.

The New Times revealed corruption and sadism including a tent city Arpaio opened in 1993. The temperatures during the summer reached 135 degrees. Inmates were beaten and expectant mothers gave birth shackled to their beds. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

A woman died in a coma when she was not given her medication, a veteran died in a riot and several suffocated after confined to restraint chairs. Arpaio had his deputies gather the Latinos to determine if they could be deported. The conflict between Michael Lacey, Jim Larkin and the sheriff escalated until he had them arrested.

The response of the public to the arrest was ferocious. Statements were issued by the newspapers that they stood with the New Times and they stated this was the only place for the friends of freedom. In 2013 a United States District judge ruled Arpaio was guilty of massive racial profiling.

Reforms were ordered and a monitor appointed to ensure they were followed. The same year Arpaio was found guilty of disregarding the order. Were it not for the intervention of Trump, Arpaio would have been behind bars. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Facebook

Many people are wondering if the reason Arpaio endorsed the presidency campaign for Donald Trump was because he knew he was reaching the end of the line. His endorsement came during a period where most people were mocking Trump’s bid for office.

Today Joe Arpaio is free because of the actions of President Trump. This free man called Mexicans dirty and considered it an honor to be referred to as a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Prejudice is common in most aspects of our life today; prejudice is defined as the irrational, preconceived notion that leads us to treat one individual different from another.

Some examples include the opinion that women cannot do well in the construction business, or that all Jewish people are misers. Some prejudices can be harmless, humorous even, but some can lead to more vices that are serious, such as racism.

This article is about someone who has had to overcome prejudice based on her race as well as her gender.

The music industry is a male-dominated industry. Sure there are a lot of successful female artists, but when it comes to management and organization, there are very few women involved, and resume her.

Desiree Perez is the chief operating officer of Roc Nation, Jay-Z’s record label. She has been Jay-Z’s long-time friend, and she has grown with him from his humble beginnings to his current success.



Desiree Perez has worked at Roc Nation for over nine years, overseeing its transformation from a start-up entertainment company to one of the key players in the industry.

She joined the company one year after its formation, and the rest, as they say, is history. She had been working alongside Jay Z long before her official appointment as the chief operating officer of Roc Nation. She has been friends and has worked with Jay Z for over twenty years, and more information click here.

She is one of the key people running the company alongside CEO Jay Brown. She is in charge of labeling and publishing. She manages the daily operations of the company while at the same time taking part in setting the company’s long-term promotion and marketing strategy for their artists, and

When people become entrepreneurs, they enter into a kind of career that is a lot different than the one they are used to. This difference can come as a shock. After all, there is a trade off with the difference. While employees do have to abide by a schedule, they do tend to earn money a little more easily than entrepreneurs. They also know what they have to do in order to make the money. Entrepreneurs not only have to figure out what they are going to do to earn money but also figure out the type of schedule that they are going to work in. Often times, they have to work more than the typical employee when it comes to hours. Visit Traffic to know more.

Fortunately, there comes a point where all of the work pays off. This is the point when a company becomes successful in a level that is similar to the business Hawilla owns. In order to get to this point, a lot of the work that needs to be done is in the marketing. People have to figure out how they are going to earn the money they need to continue with the work they are doing. The answer is in the marketing. Check out wikipedia to know more.

Jose Hawilla’s business is centered around marketing. As a matter of fact, the business of Jose Hawilla’s involves making sure that clients have a platform for marketing. The best thing about the platform Jose offers is that this platform is going to bring a lot of visitors to their business. This is one of the reasons that many entrepreneurs use Jose’s business for advertising and marketing. It is very effective in spreading the word about upcoming businesses. It is also good at bringing in customers for businesses that are already established and helping them grow.

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