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Many people are hesitant to take up an investment opportunity they saw online because of the many get-rich-quick schemes and scams in the internet. Matt Badiali went online with a video holding a check. He was sensitizing people about Freedom Checks. According to him, this is a viable investment opportunity that can pay better than what government programs such as social security pays. He views freedom checks as an opportunity for those looking for a great retirement plan.But who is Matt Badiali? Well, Matt Badiali is an investment guru with a geology background. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in earth sciences from Penn State University and a Master of Science in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. He worked in the natural resources sector for quite a while and while on it, he had a chance to meet CEOs in the sector who helped him to understand the business dynamics of the sector.

Freedom Checks are payments received from public companies otherwise known as Master Limited Partnerships as a return on an investment. There are over 58 MLPs in the United States and still growing. The concept of MLPs came into being when the US congress enacted statute-26 F to allow citizens to invest in public companies in the natural resource industry. For a company to be a MLP and enjoy tax exemptions, it must pass 90% of its profits to investors.Matt Badiali clarified on the video he released online that US citizens can stand a chance to reap huge profits in form of freedom checks . You can invest as little as $10 in companies that Matt Badiali recommends and wait for returns.

The checks are disbursed quarterly and sometimes, monthly. The investment is just like any other investment, only that there is a huge investment return because of tax benefits that are accrued to investing in Master Limited Partnerships.Mr. Badiali estimated that the public companies will be paying out $34.6 billion to investors by July, 2019. The United States government had put in place many incentives to make companies in the oil and mining industries to blossom. The companies are encouraged to source their products locally to reduce costs. Therefore, the companies are going to make huge profits and the end beneficiaries are its investors. Matt Badiali uses unique and sophisticated investment strategies to fish out companies he recommends in the Real Wealth Strategist, his newsletter.


OSI Group has made it possible to sustain food production and supplies through the leadership of Sheldon Lavin. The company has a long history of challenges since the time it started operations as Otto & Sons at the beginning of the 20th century. However, the company’s cutting-edge technology has won the company various awards despite the many challenges it has overcome. OSI Group is among the largest food producing and processing companies globally with impressive business history. The company started as a small butcher shop in Chicago before becoming the primary meat supplier to McDonald’s restaurants, and today it’s a global food supplier. Since Sheldon Lavin joined the company in the mid-1970s, it has witnessed tremendous growth. Sheldon guided the company on efficient productivity and minimal environmental degradation through embracing new technologies and strategies. One of the critical pillars of the company as far as decision making for the maximum service delivery is concerned, is sustainability.

As the world fights for sustainable and environmentally friendly operations in the food production sector, OSI Group is continuously developing strategies and techniques to adapt the challenge. Sheldon Lavin has received various Awards himself and on behalf of the company. Some of the Awards include California Green Business Award for taking care of the environment, Global Visionary Award for innovation, the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award, and the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour for sustainability. Lavin believes that these awards remind him of a long and challenging business career in the food production market. Besides being the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Sheldon sits in the management team as the Chairman.

Before joining OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin worked as a Bank Executive and an Investment Manager still in the banking sector. It was during this time Otto & Sons were looking for funds to run the company that they met Sheldon in the bank. He played a significant role to secure the funding of the company, and they requested him to join the company. They agreed, and Sheldon became the company’s financial consultant. In 1975, he became the company’s partner as the company was seeking international investment funds for international expansion. The company changed the name to become OSI Group to gain global recognition, and a few years later Sheldon took over as the top executive.

There are so many people these days jumping on the bandwagon of cryptocurrency, but how many of them realize the roots of their beloved blockchain products? There is a little-known name in the industry who made some things possible, and we should take some time to recognize him. This name is Serge Christian Pierre Belamant, and he is credited as the inventor of the globe’s very first blockchain related debit card, something that the industry has since built upon. Smart card is the name of it and Net1 Technologies is the name of the organization of which he is the founding father. Mr. Serge Belamant was raised within South Africa, although France is his place of birth.

In the beginning, transactions were a bit clunky, with a separate device running on a battery necessary to process these transactions offline. Even with this there was wide acceptance of the smart card. However, Serge Belamant got a much-appreciated gift in 1995 when Net1 Technologies and Visa struck an agreement, which allowed for an application’s development called COPAC. This greatly improved the process. As a result, there actually millions of individuals around the globe happily using this blockchain debit card today. It is unlikely that its growth will halt, and the current boom will produce more users of the Serge Belamant card very soon.

At this rate, it seems entirely possible for the organization to buy back with a few years the remaining public share it has out. Serge Belamant is truly an unconventional success story, as he never graduated from University, and, despite not holding a degree, has become a powerful CEO in a competitive and lucrative industry. Net1 Technologies continues to make big waves as it pursues even greater blockchain success, and the world will certainly be closely watching to see what happens next. After finally making onto the NASDAQ market in 2005, it remains to be seen what other significant achievements the company will reach for in the next phases of its existence.

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For a firm to make it through the highly competitive market, its leaders ought to be smart in their management endeavors. OSI Group has highly benefited from the counsel that its leaders shared in its management. The company started as a small firm and the effort that its leaders put towards fueling its growth played a significant role in building its today’s broad scope. In its early days of operation, the company put a great effort towards partnering with other companies to ensure that it establishes a big scope. OSI Group McDonalds is among the major partnerships of the company that has enabled it to gain its today’s great reputation.

The OSI Group McDonalds business relationship focused on helping the two companies grow their scope and attract more customers by offering them with the best products. In the early days of its operations, OSI Group partnered with McDonalds, and together they struck a deal for the mutual benefit of the two companies. OSI Group would provide processed meat products to the vast number of McDonald restaurants. The two companies continued to depend on each other, and as a result, they grew tremendously into the biggest food companies in the globe.

Additionally, the OSI Group McDonalds relationship gave room for the firms works to learn and share knowledge among each other. The executives gave them a chance to enlighten each other on the strategies and skills they could exercise for the growth of the two firms. Besides, the executives also held meetings together with the target of eliminating the various challenges that the two companies faced in the course of their operations. The dependency exercised by the companies promoted unity among them besides enabling them to maintain a healthy relationship.

The OSI Group McDonalds relationship also gave room for innovation between the two firms. The businesses took part in deriving better approaches of operation to ensure that they outdo other firms in the industry. Besides, the two firms also invented new equipment for use that would promote reliability and efficiency in storing food products. The high growth exercised in the relationship between the OSI Group McDonalds has encouraged other firms to work together for better results.


You probably see or hear advertisements all the time on the next big thing you should invest in. Many scammers and unverified investment advisors lead people the wrong way whether it’s through trying to get them to buy penny stocks, promising extreme wealth in certain gold coins that aren’t so rare, or promising you’ll get rich quick through network marketing gigs. But if you’ve heard of freedom checks and assume they fall under the same category, think again because they are actually a real way to earn money investing in real companies that you may not have realized have the benefits they do.

The man who is credited with discovering freedom checks is Matt Badiali, a geologist and natural resources expert who is familiar with the oil and mining industries. That is where these investments come from; their secret is that while they are bought and traded just like most other stocks, they are based in master limited partnership (MLP) companies. These companies are registered differently than most others, and they fall under a tax code that makes their investments tax free. While they generate revenue the same as most companies, they have to pay at least 90℅ of it to investors, but at the same time those dividends are considered a return on capital and not income.

Freedom checks got their name because these MLP companies are in the midst of a US natural resource and oil boom, and are pushing for complete freedom from foreign oil imports. Over the course of this next year, experts are predicting over $34 billion in oil and natural gas production will hit, and the MLP companies you buy into could be set to pay you a huge amount. In fact, some people have already revealed that they’ve received large dividend payments in freedom checks even over $100,000. Like all other investments, you do need to find the right companies to invest in and you will be taking risks in doing so. But the chances to earn big payouts are very real, and to get started you can subscribe to Badiali’s newsletters at Banyan Hill.

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Gareth Henry has had an unusual career for someone who received his college degree in actuarial mathematics. Most people use that education to work in the insurance industry. While post-graduation he started on a typical career path as analyst at Watson Wyatt, Henry soon realized that he had the skills to talk about investments in a way that both colleagues and clients could understand. He figured out early that his rare skill set suited him for a career in investor relations and raising capital. Read more on

Henry soon transferred to Watson Wyatt’s Global Investment Manager Services’ team. He rose quickly in the industry. When Henry was only 32 years old, he was hired as Head of Investor Relations and Global Head of Investor Relations for Fortress Investment Group. In that role, Henry was responsible for raising capital in the African, European, and Middle Eastern markets.

After eight years with Fortress Investment Group, another investment firm, Angelo Gordon, offered Gareth Henry a full partnership and a position as its Global Head of Investor Relations, which he accepted in 2016. While with Angelo Gordon, Henry kept an extremely busy schedule in accordance with his personal life philosophy: “Activity creates opportunity”. By 7 a.m., he arrived at his office to call clients abroad. He made his goal to make 8 to 10 client calls daily in addition to two in-person client meetings each day.

Recently, Gareth Henry left Angelo Gordon to start his own company in the field of alternative investments. His current position is Head of Global Investor Relations at Alternative Investment Managers. The job has two main components. The first is communicating with investors, which is the easy part of the job due to Henry’s skill set and extensive experience. The challenging part of his work is bringing in new capital.

In the area of alternative investments, Gareth Henry is excited about two trends. One of them is institutional investors making direct investments in private companies. The other trend is the alternative investment industry’s new involvement in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


Randal Nardone is the Co-founder and chief executive officer at Fortress Investment Group. Randal has been within the management of this firm since 1998, and his appointment to the board of directors happened in 2006. His success is a story of perseverance and hard work and his ability to deliver on his profession. Randal is a United States citizen who has made notable achievements while at the helm of Fortress Investment Group.

The 52-year old attended Connecticut University for his Bachelor of Arts Degree, English, and Biology. He earned his Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree at Boston University School of Law. Having successfully pursued law, one can only expect Randal Nardone to practice law. However, he decided to take a different path and ventured into asset management. It is during this practice that Randal leaned a few tricks and incorporated them with his legal practice.

Randall Nardone ranks 557 on the World’s List of Billionaires, and his career dates back to his days as a partner at Thatcher Profit & Wood. Randall was the Principal at the BlackRock Financial Management. He also worked as a Managing Director at UBS between 1997 and 1998. Together with Wes Edens, Randal Nardone co-founded Fortress Investment Group, where he became the Principal. Visit

Randal also helped to co-found Fortress Investment Trust in 1999, and since then, he has served as the secretary, Chief Operating Officer, and Vice President. Randal Nardone serves in different capacities at Fortress Investment Group, its subsidiaries, and other organizations. He heads the Fortress Credit Corporation as the Principal. He is also the President and Chairman of the Springleaf Financial Holdings. Randal Nardone serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Principal of Fortress Registered Investment Trust.

He once served as an interim CEO of Fortress Investment Group for almost two years before his confirmation as a full chief executive officer. This is a position he holds to date. He holds four advisory roles that include a Director at Brookdale Senior Living and other capacities. Randal continues to make Fortress Investment Group thrive. Fortress Investment Group is headquartered in New York and has become a highly diversified world-class investment manager.


Rebel Wilson has had her fair share of big roles. From playing a supporting character in the Pitch Perfect series to starring in her own movie, Rebel Wilson knew there were things she could do that would help her expand her acting career. The wanted to show people she has a serious side in addition to the comedy-focused side everyone has come to know and love.

Rebel Wilson knows a lot about acting and has big plans for acting in the future. She wants to be an actor who knows just how to play in every role. Taking on a role in Cats is a new challenge she thinks she can handle.

As an actor, she plans to expand her knowledge of the field and branch out into a more serious role like the one in Cats. It’s her goal to keep expanding and trying different things that might help her see what she can do in the future.

There are many different roles that might be able to help Rebel Wilson find what she’s looking for in the acting community. By trying different things and doing different parts, Wilson knows she can branch out and be better than most people. Read more: Stunning Transfprmation Rebel Wilson | The List and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

Rebel also knows she has the ability to keep trying different things and giving people new performances. She knows her role in Cats might be unexpected, but she has big plans to turn that role into something special through her own personality.

Being a plus-sized actress in the industry isn’t always easy. Rebel Wilson knew it would be hard to land gigs sometimes and went into the acting industry prepared for that. She also knew she wouldn’t be able to get every role she set out to get. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

Since she spent her time learning different techniques and trying different things, Rebel Wilson felt she could make things easier for people who wanted to try out their own acting skills in the future. It gave her the ability to keep pushing forward while letting others know she could get just as many roles as other people who were in similar situations.

The time she spent learning about how she could improve her acting skills and what she needed to do to get to new levels taught her a lot. One of the most important things that go into acting is how you can adapt to different situations.

Rebel Wilson continues proving she’s an adaptable actor. Since she fits so well in so many different roles, she has a chance to try different parts. Rebel Wilson hopes adding this serious role to her repertoire can make things better for her career and the skills she has to showcase as an actor.

It’s no secret that Ryan Seacrest manages to work multiple jobs and do them all well. His presence on television, radio, and essentially all media platforms is a familiar and welcome face. Now, Ryan is giving away his secrets to how he does it all and manages to stay in shape while doing it all too. In addition to his jam-packed media schedule, Ryan also spearheads multiple projects off-camera like his lines Distinction and Polish, as well as his philanthropic work, The Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

Ryan is able to make the most out of his day by getting up at 6 o’clock in the morning. He starts his day with matcha, coffee, and the morning news to prep himself on the day’s events. Now that he’s living in New York, freshly transferred from California, he pulls on his sweats and Uggs and heads out the door. Now in his 40’s, Ryan has learned how important his workout is to his routine and staying healthy. He gets in a workout whenever his schedule allows, whether that’s on his lunch hour or while doing his radio show, On Air with Ryan. He schedules his workouts like a regular business meeting and sticks to it so that he isn’t tempted to skip a workout.

Inclusion has always been important to Ryan, which is why he started both his lines, Distinction and Polish. Both were curated with the everyday man in mind, with Distinction offering affordable menswear inspired by the red carpet that Ryan is so familiar with. His skincare line, Polished, is affordable luxury for men’s skin. The most important part of inclusion for Ryan is children, which is why he started his foundation, The Ryan Seacrest Foundation. With the mission to bring media centers to children’s hospitals, Ryan’s foundation wants to make sure that sick children get all possible opportunities to create, learn, and enjoy media.

Gulf Coast Western is benefiting from one of the smartest CEOs in the entire industry of natural gas and oil Matthew Fleeger. This man, who also takes charge in the positions of president and director, has certainly made his mark as its leader. During his time with the company he has been key to its positive progression, and, with his unique skills and marketing background, it is unlikely that anyone else could have done a better job.

Southern Methodist University is the institution at which Matthew Fleeger studied before embarking on a professional career. He was then ready to enter the business world, and founded an organization known as MedSolutions, Inc. It makes sense that he is now Gulf Coast Western’s leader, since he also headed this company earlier in his career. Both president and chief executive officer were positions that Mr. Fleeger filled at this business, long before rising to prominence with an oil and gas business.

If he wishes to improve on a company’s performance, then Matthew Fleeger has a wealth of ideas at his fingertips; a few examples are joint ventures, structure and the culture inside the organization. Palm Beach Tan, Inc. benefited massively when, as director, Fleeger managed to scale the organization to new heights and ultimately aid it in becoming America’s largest chain of tanning salons. This type of experience is certainly going to help him moving forward with Gulf Coast Western’s strong business model.

One would certainly expect that Gulf Coast Western will be rivaling the giants of the industry in the very, very near future, given that Chief Executive Officer Matthew Fleeger is not a stranger to the rapid expansion of companies under his authority. How long this process will take and exactly how it will be accomplished, however, remain to be discovered.

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