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NexBank SSB, a regional bank serving the Dallas, Texas, area is proud to be a sponsor of the 32nd Annual Luncheon of Women’s Foundation in Dallas. NexBank donated $100,000 to support the foundation.

This luncheon is hosted annually with more than 1,300 community, civic and business leaders in attendance. Dallas Women’s Foundation is a leading organization in advancing positive economic and social change for girls and women.

NexBank is a highly reliable and reputable financial institution and has been around for many decades. This bank has a team of highly qualified financial advisors, investment experts and money management professionals.

The professionals at NexBank have extensive experience and great expertise in correspondent banking that helps their customers and clients strengthen their financial position.

The ability to conduct your banking and manage your finances online from your smartphone, tablet, or computer is becoming more and more important to people.

NexBank makes it convenient and easy to do your banking online or at a physical location. You can check your account balance, set up direct deposit, transfer funds, and you can receive online statements.

Numerous individuals and businesses rely on NexBank for all their banking needs and are delighted with the quality of service they receive.

Small businesses, corporations and institutions turn to NexBank for a vast array of highly personalized services and customized lending products.

They have a good understanding of how to work with lenders and borrowers in highly complex syndicated business deals and provide prompt and reliable service throughout the process.

Their professionals work closely with customers and clients to understand their needs and expectations and structure financing that is appropriate for their capital needs.

NexBank is the clear choice for any resident of Dallas who wants to have a great banking experience. With three bank branches, investment, mortgage, and commercial, Nexbank meets the diverse financial and banking needs of the Dallas community.

NexBank is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your money. To learn more about Nexbank and its comprehensive range of top notch services and features, get in touch with their professionals.

Are you a do-it-yourself kind of guy? Could your home use some much needed structural improvements? Do you reside in Illinois or Southern Wisconsin? Home renovation has gone mainstream, and it is one of the most popular fields of work. There are numerous television shows within this sector and there are an abundance of retail stores that cater to the industry. One of the top general contractors is right in the Midwest’s back pocket, and that company is known as Aloha Construction. This company is highly trained, and it is capable of handling the toughest of home-renovation projects. Aloha Construction has a resume of successful projects, and it has a solid reputation for backing-up all claims.

Your home is definitely one of your most prized possessions. If you don’t maintain the health of your home, then it will surely begin to deteriorate right before your very eyes. Aloha Construction’s official website has plenty of information that pertains to taking care of your home. If you choose to receive service, the company is only a phone call away. This extraordinary general contractor can get down to the root of the problem thanks to its nine-step inspection process. This thorough inspection can check for damages in the home’s attic ventilation, in the shingles and for any flashing. What else does the company offer?

• Soffit Installation
• Waterproofing
• Bathroom Repair
• Siding Repair
• Masonry
• Kitchen Design
• Stucco Installation
• And others

Aloha Construction also stands out by being a member of the National RoofingContractors Association, a member of the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association as well as a member of the Building Trades Commission. If that isn’t a resume of success, then what actually is?

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At a celebration held by the Vision World Academy in India, Sheldon Lavin was given the Global Visionary award for his work in transforming a Chicago-area family meat market into the global food processing giant called the OSI Group. Lavin has spent almost 50 years with the company. First as a financial consultant, then an investor and finally as owner and CEO. It was a process that saw the former bank administrator and accounting and finance specialist get introduced to the food processing industry, create an ambitious expansion plan and build his company into a world leader.

As a husband, father and grandfather, family is important to Sheldon Lavin. And treating the OSI Group staff of over 20,000 like his extended family is part of the reason Lavin has succeeded. He instituted production practices that ensured workers are safe and they protect the environment as much as possible. He created generous benefits packages that provide many perks for the workers and their loved ones and make sure they are adequately covered. Lavin maintains an open door policy and every worker is invited to share with him their ideas on making the company better. These things help inspire people to do their best.

With Sheldon Lavin at the helm, the OSI Group has undertaken a global expansion strategy few if any companies can match. From the company’s headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, Lavin oversees OSI Group processing plants in Chicago, West Chicago and Geneva, Illinois, Riverside, California, West Jordan, Utah, Oakland, Iowa and Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin in the United States. Worldwide, Lavin’s company has processing facilities in Australia, Brazil, Hungary, India, Poland and in more than a dozen other countries. Over the past 20 years Sheldon Lavin has overseen the construction of 10 processing facilities in China alone.

Sheldon Lavin and the OSI Group have a international network of people, offices and plants. The company is global in size and scale, but employs local management teams very sensitive to the local cultures and tastes of the customers they serve. This gives them the understanding of the most efficient way to provide effective local solutions. As a result the OSI Group has won an impressive array of awards, their product line has grown to include bacon, dough products, fish, hot dogs, meat patties, pizza, pork, poultry and vegetables. His combination of shrewd business deals and caring corporate practices make Sheldon Lavin a winner.

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There are a lot of changes coming to the way that Bradesco bank is run. Their future has been changed based on the recent shift in power. The long time President Lazaro Brandao has declared that he will step down from the position. At the age of ninety one, his family is very supportive of this decision and is keen to see him more often.

While this has left a gap at the top of Brazil’s second largest financial institution based on market value, it is important to note that there a re a lot of differences that relate to the way that the organization will be run in future times. Since there are a lot of changes to leadership it is clear that Luiz Carlos Trabuco will make an impact and lead the bank to future prosperity as he has been appointed to be the new president.

Since Luiz Carlos Trabuco is currently the CEO office holder, it will be necessary to appoint a new chief executive officer in coming years. The existing standard of leadership as proven by Brandao has been to promote from within, giving executives and leaders a better chance at diversification based on the improvement of internal standards and regulations. It is clear that there are a lot of opportunities for development in addition to ongoing methods of improvement.

Trabuco is a valuable member of the organization because he has cultivated ongoing standards of operation that are both important and address incumbent challenges in the industry. Since he has been an influential member of the leadership team it is likely that he will be involved with some of the hiring decisions. Meanwhile, Brandao is stepping down from his presidency while maintaining an authoritative role in the overall development of the holding companies that own Bradesco Bank.

Read more: PDV exceeded expectations, says Bradesco president

The decision will be made behind closed doors, but the organization has advocated for seven key candidates to help in this process. These are individuals that have worked hard and gained prominent reputations in the industry as well as based on institutional reform at multiple levels. The organizational goals are furthered based on their proficiency in key areas.

One of the candidates, Alexander Gluher has been instrumental in the recent acquisition of HSBC retail facilities. This merger was huge, at an estimated five point two billion dollars. As one of the largest acquisitions in the history of banking it is vital to see that he has been able to establish valuable leadership throughout this process. Based on the articulate and well defined aspects of this individuals time in office it is evident that there are a lot of unique ways that he stands out.

Most officials have been with the organization since the nineteen seventies or eighties with only a couple of exceptions. The long standing history of each candidate resonates with the core values of Bradesco Bank according to It also demonstrates how there are ongoing changes as well as implementation standards that are vital to the overall development of the organization in the future. Brandao advocated that there should be greater attention to detail when it comes to digital banking. This can be better established with highly skilled executives that are familiar with incumbent challenges and problems.

Overall the decision will be a tough one since there are multiple well versed candidates. Luiz Carlos Trabuco as the current CEO sets a great example of how leadership can improve the company overall. Ever since his appointment there have been changing in the evaluation of the company at large as well as ongoing assessments of the value that is provided to the public with the bank on a whole.

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Its 11am your speeding to your therapist office to make it to your appointment. You’ve been having severe panic attacks from circumstances at work, you and therapist have previously discussed how those types of episodes are triggered by past events that happened when you were a child. You have been needing to get to your therapist all week because you’re at your breaking point and aren’t dealing well with processing your feelings. What if you could have talked to the therapist when the feelings first started that week? Wouldn’t it have made a difference in how you have dealt with life’s daily task? That’s were Talkspace comes in.

Have you ever needed to talk to someone, just vent your frustrations without being in fear of being judged or ridiculed by others? In the past if you were dealing with any such problems you would have to pay astronomical rates to see a therapist. Now with on demand programs like Talkspace, individuals have an outlet to use these services without complicating things with insurance providers and waiting on approvals. You can meet with a therapist via text or video chat at lengths of time at a very affordable price without having to be physically face to face.

Are you planning to enlist the services of a real estate firm or professional? Do you want to find a reliable and reputable real estate advisor in Brazil? Getting expert guidance or coaching will provide tremendous benefits to you as you venture into the real estate field.Real estate is a highly lucrative industry and you can get started with the help of an experienced professional. That’s where José Auriemo Neto can help – to provide you with top notch advice and training.Purchasing property for investment purposes is not something for the inexperienced.

It is advisable to consult someone who has vast experience in the field to help you learn what works and waht you need to avoid. A knowledgeable professional can help you avoid costtly mistakes and get on the right way to success.José Auriemo Neto can help you navigate the real estate field and ensure that you take the right steps success. Tasks like locating and purchasing investment property or property development can become simplified for you when you have a good coach on your side.

José Auriemo Neto has a great reputation in the industry and comes highly recommended throughout Brazil. He has catered to clients from all walks of life and is passionate about meeting the needs of his clients.José Auriemo Neto is chairman and CEO of JHSF – a prominent real estate firm that focuses on commercial and residential markets. The company is based in Brazil where it handles numerous real estate projects. If you are serious about getting into real estate investment and need reliable advice or coaching, it is crucial to get expert help. As someone who has already achieved tremendous success in what you’re trying to accomplish, José Auriemo Neto can guide you you toward your goal.

George Soros, born in Hungary in 1930, moved with his family to England in 1947. He attended the London School of Economics. He went on to work in the banking industry, amassing a great fortune over the decades. It was reported by Forbes that in October 2017 Soros donated the bulk of this fortune, $18 million to be exact, to the Open Society Foundations. Soros began his banking career at Singer and Friedlander, a London based merchant bank. He worked her for two years, studying stocks in his free time. He also began to apply principals he had learned in his philosophy studies to stocks, creating new methods to predict changes in the market.

In 1954 he got a chance to use his knowledge of the stock market to use. He was hired by the New York City firm F.M. Mayer and moved to New York to work there. His focus was primarily on European stocks. In 1959 he went to Wertheim & Co. and began to work with European securities. He was offered the position of vice president by Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder and accepted the job in 1963.

In 1969, using $4 million dollars of investor money, including $250,000 of his own, Soros created the Double Eagle hedge Fund. In 1970 he created and became chairman of Soros Fund Management.

In 1973, to avoid conflicts of interest, Soros resigned from Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder and relinquished control of the Double Eagle hedge fund, worth $12 million at this point in time. In 1991, using his philosophical based economic methods, Soros predicted a huge decline in the value of the British Pound. Soros shorted the Pound and gained quite several billion dollars.

Soros has long used his fortune for philanthropic pursuits. He has funded dissent groups in Soviet and post-Soviet nations throughout Central and Eastern Europe. He is largely to credit for the removal of Communism in Hungary, and the success of the Rose Revolution (which peacefully installed a democratic government) in Georgia in 2003.

He founded the Hungarian Open Society Institute in 1984. His Open Society Foundations continue to operate to this day. They are largely responsible for the rebuilding of Eastern and Central European nations that were once under Soviet control. His Open Society Foundations are also active in Africa, where they reduce poverty and starvation be providing education, advanced medical care, and teaching the local people advanced agricultural practices.

Additionally, Soros provided $100 million to help build an internet infrastructure that could be used by rural Russian Colleges. His most recent donation of $18 billion will continue this type of work and ensure the prosperity of people all across the globe.

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The makeup industry is always evolving, but there are always few at the top of their game who are constantly in the eye of the dedicated fans. Those who succeed in making it to the top and keeping their title, often struggle to reinvent themselves over time. Another misconception of the makeup industry, is that it is somehow a female entrepreneur dominated field. While, yes – there are more females in the makeup industry than other industries, it’s not necessarily a female-dominated industry.


Doe Deere is paving a path to change that.


Doe Deere is the owner of the immensley popular makeup company called, Lime Crime. This company is one of the few and rare to make it to the top of the proverbial, beauty industry food chain and hold their title as something more valuable and special than the rest. This company made their way by giving it’s audience what they continually asked for but have never received. A product that was as vibrant as they were.


Growing up on two sides of the globe – paving her own path and making her own way was not a new concept to Doe Deere. Growing up in Russia, the illustrious CEO and founder always knew she had an entrepreneurial side.


Makeup hasn’t always been her only endeavor. Before she got broke into the makeup industry, she had big dreams of being a musician in New York. From her band, she met her now-husband and the two learned from there how to work together and sell a product. At the time, the product was them and their music. Now their ideas have transformed and so has their expression.


“I was an artistic, imaginative kid from the start; hardcore in the color, with paints and pencils always in hand. I would put as much color on myself as possible: clothes accessories, my mom’s makeup… It’s unreal to be able to create color for a living as an adult – I feel like I’m cheating sometimes!” Doe Deere says in an interview with Galore Magazine.


But it turns out she wasn’t cheating. Rather than rebranding, perhaps of more importance to creating a high-quality, unique, on top of it’s game, brand… Is passion. As long as you love what you’re doing, have a passion for it and it shows through in your product –

Doe Deere is living proof that you too could have success in any endeavors. Learn more:

One thing that marketers need to remember about customers is that they care more about themselves than the company. At the same time, they want to look good to their community. These are among the most common reasons for shopping with a company. For marketers that may be struggling with customers, Market America has a strategy that is can be very beneficial. This strategy is giving out incentives to customers for shopping at their company. One of the reasons this works is that it gives customers more reasons to shop at the company. Even a business that has some of the best products can benefit from the boost in sales that incentives offer.

One example of an incentive that Market America and other companies offer customers is the cash back incentive. This is done through There are a lot of features of the cashback shopping program. Among these benefits are getting paid to shop, comparison shopping and plenty of other benefits. People are able to shop and travel with the benefits that come with the Marvel America incentive programs. While people do enjoy buying some of the best products, one thing that they enjoy more is savings.

In order for people to benefit the most from selling with Market America, they can have plenty of different events. This will keep the customers coming. At the same time, it is important for marketers to pace themselves. If they offer too many promotions, then this can backfire on the customers. Offering the right amount of events gives customers time to relax from the event and then enjoy the next one if they choose to. Incentives and promotions are very powerful for businesses, especially if they are one of the recommended models from Market America. As incentives become greater, more people will become interested. If the products are along the lines of what they want, then they are going to become regular visitors.

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TMS Health Solutions is an insurance-based psychiatric group with the mission to provide affordable and accessible psychiatric treatments to those for whom traditional methods of dealing with mental illness have not been effective. The company provides comprehensive psychiatric care using medication as well as non-medication solutions.


Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a brain stimulation therapy that medical practitioners have found powerful in the treatment of various neuropsychiatric conditions related to major depression. While TMS Health Solutions have employed advanced treatments for such conditions, the patient’s treatment experience remains to be the main area of focus. Frequent, friendly and effective communication with the patient and the patient’s family is considered very important to TMS Health Solutions.


TMS Health Solutions deals with patients with anxiety, clinical depression, and other mental illnesses to whom they provide medical management services. The company specializes in cases in which traditional medication methods have not been effective in solving the patient’s mental illness. These are about 40% of the patients brought in the facility, mostly those with treatment-resistant depression.


TMS therapy was approved by FDA. It is an effective, non-invasive therapy that is more preferred by people because of its limited side effects compared to other therapies.


TMS Health Solutions was founded in 2007. TMS Health Solutions is based in northern California but has its branches spread in eight locations, including TMS therapy San Francisco. Their services are always patient-centered. TMS therapy is covered by most insurance carriers. Nevertheless, for those patients for whom TMS is not insurance covered, the company is willing to assist them in acquiring financial assistance. To TMS, their patient’s health comes first and payments second.


Another thing that is impressive with TMS Health Solutions is that they have educative materials on depression. One can take a depression quiz, on their website and learn more about the symptoms and available therapy options.

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