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Thanks to Seymour Segnit and his MAGFAST company, the convenience of wireless charging may finally have arrived. This is a goal that countless firms have spent millions of dollars on bringing to reality. Now it seems as though the goal has finally been met and millions of people are ready to enjoy the results.

Seymour Segnit has long been a pioneer in the world of wireless tech. His MAGFAST firm was reputed to have raised over $250,000 in its first 15 minutes of existence. This is due to the renown that he holds throughout the world due to his pioneering vision.

It seems that this vision held by Segnit has finally paid off. The MAGFAST firm is ready to reap the rewards of its long diligence in this highly sensitive, volatile, but lucrative undertaking. As a result, the long-awaited arrival of wireless charging is about to pay off in spades.

The new MAGFAST wireless charger, as introduced to the world via the good graces of company founder Seymour Segnit, is designed to replace the old-fashioned port charger. This is a device that is set to change the very way that you engage in this pursuit. Find More Information Here.

Instead of having to use a charger that burns up electricity and may be a fire hazard, Seymour Segnit and the MAGFAST company have proposed a new wireless model. This will mean a quicker, safer, and more energy efficient way to charge up all of the various devices you own.

While the idea of a brand-new wireless charger is still shocking the world, rest assured that this is one adjustment that is bound to be made very quickly. When the dust clears, Seymour Segnit and his MAGFAST firm will get the credit they are due for making this revolution. See This Article for more information.


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Relying on crowdfunding the MAGFAST start-up campaign’s goal was to raise 300,000 dollars. That objective was achieved in a little over 14 minutes.


The MAGFAST Difference

Unlike traditional chargers which are usually for a specific device MAGFAST Chargers offer a variety of ways to connect the charger and device eliminating the need for multiple chargers. Using a traditional charger requires access to an electrical outlet.

Using magnetic resonance MAGFAST products generate their own electricity independent of a receptacle. Because they don’t rely on outlets MAGFAST eliminates the unsightly tangle of wires that charging several devices at once creates.


A Higher Purpose

As a show of appreciation, a tree was planted in the name of anyone who contributed to the MAGFAST fundraising campaign. Now that the company is accepting orders a tree will be planted for each unit sold and seven trees will be planted for each order of a MAGFAST ProKit which contains each model of charger MAGFAST offers. Go Here to learn more.

The poor quality of traditional chargers sends them to the landfill sooner rather than later. MAGFAST founder and CEO Seymour Segnit claims that the longer lifespan of MAGFAST chargers and the tree planting campaign makes MAGFAST “The world’s greenest charger”. View More Information Here.


MAGFAST Chargers

The WallCharger unit is designed to allow for the charging of multiple devices including MAGFAST portable chargers while leaving receptacles free. As they are magnetic, MAGFAST chargers can be linked together to charge each other. The LifeCharger is for general charging purposes and the Air Charger is for charging stand compatible devices.

The RoadCharger that offers the added safety of a built-in flashlight is designed for use in the car. Storing sufficient power to jump-start an automobile LifeChargerExtreme is the most powerful charger allowed by Federal Law. The TimeCharger is for Apple watches.



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Rob Snyder founded Kynect company in 2005 in Dallas, Texas. Kynect is one of the first companies to combine network marketing of gas and electric energy services globally. Snyder wanted to bridge the large gap between selling energy utility and network marketing.

Average people can become associates and sell the utility services globally to their friends and families while in a network program. People who get these utility sales make extra income and get credit. Ambitious entrepreneurs can work towards the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of through Kynect.

Having the opportunity to make extra money is not the only reason why people like Kynect. Kynect is a cultural movement open to everyone. Kynect wants to help people achieve goals that are bigger than themselves. People join Kynect because they want to get involved in small business on their own terms, their own schedule, and salary. Kynect has many other services in addition to gas and electric. Kynect offers wireless plans for cellphones and wifi. Customers can sign up for emergency roadside service, virtual medical assistance, identity theft protection, and more.

Associates make varying different amounts of money depending on varying degrees of knowledge, dedication, experience, and effort. Not everyone will make high salaries in this business. Associates see Kynect as a family rather than a corporation. Some Associates use Kynect as a part-time job to make some extra cash. For other Associates, they make Kynect their regular full-time job. Go Here to learn more.

There are some people who are employees at Kynect. Employees get many benefits that include paid maternity and paternity leave, health benefits, a wellness program, competitive pay, 401K, service discounts, disability and life services. and company events. Whether a person is an employee or an Associate, they believe in Kynect’s four mantras: Transparency, be panic-less, best idea wins, and solve problems. See This Page for additional information.


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In a world centered around technology, sustainable power is a vital necessity for societies to function successfully. For Venezuelan entrepreneur Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, the mission to increase sustainable energy, localized power production, and training resources across Latin America is his primary goal. The great-grandson of former Venezuelan president Hermógenes López, Alejandro studied economics and business administration in the United States at Suffolk University in Massachusetts. He recognized an increased need for more efficient power production to meet growing technological demands.

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Alejandro Betancourt Lopez co-founded His company in 2007 to pursue thermoelectric energy advancements. Combining the latest innovation with cutting-edge technology, the company sheds new light into an industry formally settling for antiquated practices for Latin America’s energy production. In Venezuela and other Latin American countries, power production and supply had generally been outsourced to third-party contractors from other countries. The company’s goal was to enable its own region with the proper resources and training to sustain power production utilizing local organizations. It has built eleven simple-cycle thermoelectric power plants increasing Venezuela’s power grid by 1,386 megawatts.

His company has successfully expanded its endeavors into wind and solar projects as well. Theorganization’s CTT (Technological Turbine Center) workshop offers locally-based, less expensive training options for trainees. The training center is based in Guácara, Carabobo State, Venezuela. In the past, one would have to travel to Germany or the U.S. to attain these skills.

Partnering with higher education entities such as Simón Bolivar University, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has created comprehensive career advancement programs to train candidates entering the energy sector. The company strives toward green initiatives, researching climate change and environmental impacts of power production.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s entrepreneurial endeavors also include asset management on an international level. He founded the O’Hara Administration, and became involved in Hawkers, and Pacific Exploration & Production Corporation. As an investment firm, The O’Hara Administration builds banking alliances to enhance financial assets for developing nations. Additionally, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez holds a major stake in BDK (Banque du Dukar), a banking institution catering to Africa’s Sub-saharan region. The company provides both business and personal payment solutions as well as investment and savings options. Already BDK has secured various successful agreements, moving Africa’s Sub-saharan banking infrastructure forward in a positive direction. Learn More:

Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer at the OSI Group, an American based private holding company dealing in meat processing while at the same time servicing the retail and food services industry. He has a dual undergraduate degree and a holder of Bachelor of Science in Business obtained from Roosevelt University in Chicago. A major in Accounting and Finance received from northwestern university. He is not only the president of the OSI company but also has a high coveted profile and interest in the meat processing industry. Read more on Wikipedia.

Sheldon Lavin had had extensive industry knowledge, which dates back from 1970 when he was funding the Otto & Sons, which led to the establishment of the OSI Group. He was called by McDonald to become of the full time employee in Osi Group

Under his leadership and vision, the company registered an expansion and growth to the international level from a local meat processing company. It is plausible to note that OSI Group is now having offices and is operational across 60 countries beyond Chicago.

As part of recognizing an immense Sheldon Lavin’s achievements for placing the company on the global scene, he received from World Academy as one of the most international visionary leaders in 2006.

Besides, under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership, the company has a host of awards on environmental and sustainability compliance. He is dedicating to inspiring future leaders in working towards the growth of the companies that they are working for in creating opportunities for the companies while at the same time putting them on the global scene.

Sheldon Lavin has a long history of supporting the charitable organization as well as community-driven causes, for instance, Ronald McDonald, which he actively funds. He is also taking part in encouraging the next leaders to attain their goals in life. He is happy about helping three children together with his wife. Learn More:

In July of 2019, an award-winning Southern California-based premium cannabis edible brand called Kushy Punch made the move to expand their operations to Michigan, then also entered into the Arizona and Nevada markets later in the fall. It didn’t take long for the trend to catch on in Michigan as they sold out their products within just four hours of their launch, so it is expected for Arizona and Nevada to follow suit with their growing cannabis markets. CEO Ruben Cross expressed excitement for the expansions to Arizona and Nevada, particularly the area of Las Vegas, which sees travelers from all around the world and could open up a whole new crowd to Kushy Punch’s CBD experience.

Kushy Punch’s line of CBD edibles consists of quality medicated gummies that have products with doses as high as 200mg called the TKO, 100mg doses with indica, sativa, and hybrid options, and a 60mg CBD and Recovery blend of 60/30 CBD/THC lets folks find natural healing without the intense euphoric feeling of just straight THC. Other CBD products consist of CBD vapes with 175mg, CBD vape cartridges with 650mg, capsules infused with Omega-3 which are 30x30mg, pure CBD oil at 600mg, and a mango CBD tincture at 450mg.

The professional candy chefs at Kushy Punch hone their confection-making skills as they craft these full-spectrum oil infused healing edibles. Consumers like their products because they can barely taste the cannabis for the intense fruity flavor, making them the ultimate treat. They do not contain any artificial sweeteners, gluten, dairy, or fat and boast a 100 per cent organic and natural flavor. Kushy Punch first launched in 2014 and that’s when their little 100mg fruit gummies became a hit in Southern California. Their company CBD brand, KushyCBD, uses the finest quality oils in their products.

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Isabel Dos Santos is a African billionaire businesswoman, she is indeed Africa’s wealthiest woman. Out of all of the children in the family she is the oldest of Angola’s former President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, Who indeed was in charge of the country from 1979 to 2017. Because of Isabel Dos Santos success throughout her life her net worth increased making her the first woman billionaire with $2 billion in the making. As an entrepreneur she is widely respected and known as an outstanding and rewarding female business leader in Southern Africa.

Isabel Dos Santos is the head and the brains behind the biggest telecommunication company, she has comprehensive background and involvement in infrastructure creation. With her career rising over the course of years she has held management height level positions in an area of companies, along with banks and establishments of entertainment and management of retail. Isabel Dos Santos Involvement has added to her ways of knowledge of the global economic where changes for economics can be more practical advance in places fighting with poverty.

The businesswoman is always asked to be part in forums and more speaking arrangement. One lesson of this was her chance to convey before the European Parliament in Brussels being one of the ECR African meeting of heads of governments. While at the summit she encouraged hard for the significant of building Africa’s Digital infrastructure. For Isabel Dos Santos this highlights what she believes in, that’s a Big leap for developing Africa’s benefits would be to add hope in location that will let Africans to handle the Internet to battle in the International economy. As you can see for the business woman slowing down in her work is not in her nature she has been involved holding in Esperanza for energy and oils, financing in BPI in the location Lisbon and Association automobile for telecommunications.


Kynect gives clients marketing assistance. It accommodates the needs of Stream and its electrical and gasoline specialties. Kynect simultaneously presents customers with in-depth wireless assistance. It’s at the helm of a thriving network marketing group right now.

It was founded as an offshoot of Stream Energy, founded in 2005, in Aug. 2019. The company sold various consumer contracts across roughly a dozen states. Stream’s operations consisted of both the provision of such contracts, as well as the marketing necessary to welcome new customers.

Its hometown is bright Dallas in Texas. Kynect is a powerhouse, and they did a lot in the beginning stages of the network marketing craze. It handled sales that were part of the gasoline and electricity divisions. It handled wireless telephone requirements all the same. Things are slightly different for the firm as of late.

The company sold various consumer contracts across roughly a dozen states. Stream Energy’s operations consisted of both the provision of such contracts, as well as the marketing strategies necessary to welcome new customers. Refer to This Article for related information.

It presently gives customers access to exhaustive protective assistance. The team members at this company have a lot of wisdom that involves identity protection, roadside assistance, technical support and virtual MD matters. Get Related Information Here.

The main concept behind Kynect is simply to aid human beings. People enroll as Kynect independent associates. After they do this, they start to tackle energy services sales. They zero in on protective services, mobile, electrical and gasoline specialties. Working on these sales has done a lot for people who were just trying to make ends meet.

Rob Snyder is the name of the entrepreneur who created Kynect years ago. He’s the individual who chose to link a couple of diverse fields. These fields were energy and the up-and-coming network marketing. No one had attempted to link these things in the past using his approach. This type of adjustment rapidly turned Kynect into something that was rather formidable.

Kynect turned into the globe’s most sizable network marketing energy group. There are so many diligent professionals who give their time to Kynect and to all of its aspirations. Mark Schiro or “Bouncer” is the company’s driven Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He works with people such as Chief Financial Officer David Faranetta and Chief Operating Officer Dan O’Malley.


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Isabel Dos Santos has been named Africa’s first female billionaire entrepreneur. Starting with being the head of Unitel, which is known as Angola’s biggest telecommunications company, she has created opportunity to extend far beyond communications into several other industries. Before we go into her accomplishments, let’s learn a bit more about her background and the foundation of interest in telecommunication, economic development, and new groundbreaking technologies.

Isabel Dos Santos is the daughter of Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, Angola’s former President from 1979 to 2017. Being the eldest daughter of Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, her studies were very much geared to better understand the industries her father was involved in. During her time in London, while attending The King’s College, she studied electrical engineering extensively.

Since then, her fortune has been built from being a stakeholder in a multitude of industries in Africa. Aside from running a telecommunications company, Isabel Dos Santos has created opportunity in industries such as entertainment, construction, finance, energy, and media production. Economic understanding amongst all the different industries she is involved in, contribute greatly to her success. Observing the economic aspect of any industry is the underlying reason Isabel Dos Santos was able to successfully amass such a great fortune.

However, Isabel Dos Santos is not only involved in business but also the development of her home country. Her efforts in development involve speaking engagements around the world, and specifically having the opportunity to speak at the European Parliament as part of the ECR Africa Summit. The cause to increase Africa’s digital infrastructure and why this is so important to the development of her country is of the utmost importance to her. As a successful businesswomen in her own right, the poverty issues of her country is an issue that she is heavily involved in and works towards finding solutions through her industry experience.

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Peter Briger, the Principal and Co-Chairman of the Board at the New York firm Fortress Investment Group, is a well-respected Financial Advisor. At Fortress Investment Group, Mr. Briger is responsible for running the Fortress Credit and Real Estate Business, which is a worldwide investor specializing in working with illiquid and undervalued investments. As the head of this enterprise, Briger manages over 500 employees across the globe. Peter Briger joined the Fortress Investment Group in 2002, but before that he worked for 15 years with another prestigious financial institution, Goldman, Sachs & Co. With Goldman Sachs, Briger co-headed much of the company’s Asian business holdings and entities, and was also the co-head of their Fixed Income Principal Investments Group.

Besides his endeavors with Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger, as gained notoriety by becoming number 317 on Forbes’ elite list of billionaires and professionals, known as the Forbes 400. He is also well-respected for his academic achievements, being a graduate of multiple highly prestigious institutions. Briger earned an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Princeton University.

Along with his financial work, Peter Briger is known for being involved with many philanthropic causes. One such cause is the Grace Science Foundation which focuses on researching new and innovative approaches to finding a cure for NGLY1 Deficiency. Briger has also invested millions of dollars towards conserving and maintaining the Central Park in New York. Peter Briger also actively supports many educational institutions. He is a member of the board of directors for Caliber Schools, and is a member of the board of overseers for the University of California San Francisco. Mr. Briger also plays an active role in several charities that cater specifically to helping children from at risk and impoverished environments receive quality educations.


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