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The Wessex Institute of Technology is located in the south of England. It is an institution that does research, holds scientific conferences across Europe, and has a publishing arm that printsresearch papers and conference proceedings. When hiring, the jobs that are available are posted on its recruitment board hosted by the University of Southampton or at one of its recruitment centers.

As a highly respected institution,The Wessex Institutehires the most talented professionals to fill roles. The types of positions it hires for are scientific researchers, professors, administrative staff, writers, publishers, and their support staff. When someone earns a position at the institute they become a valued member of the team that is engaged in extremely important research projects as well as educating the next generation of scientific leaders.

Women these days, especially the working one, are worried about their hair styling problem. They invest a huge amount on a daily basis to style their hair because hair is the most prominent part of you and a good looking and managed hair can help you to look attractive. For such working class, WEN by Chaz took a step and designed a product which they can use to get rid of their styling problem on a daily basis.

The hair solutions that are being offered by are the most effective solution these days as used by a huge number of individuals around the globe. Few of their most renewed products are WEN nourishing mousse, cleansing conditioner, re moist intensive, anti-frizz styling crème and few others. However, before such product, don’t forget to read the instruction on the label because every product has its set of instruction that will help you to get maximum benefits from such products.

The coolest thing about these Sephora endorsed products is that it is suitable for every hair type. So, you won’t have to worry if your hair is dry, broken or dull. You can use these products without any problem and can turn your hair into a most beautiful part of your body. If you are the person, who likes result in one night than Wen products are not the right choice for you because WEN cares for the hair of its users. We at WEN never want to harm your harm to give you immediate change by using harmful chemicals.

But it is certain that if you use that product, you will see a visible change from day one as you can see the details here You can use WEN anytime however to know the doses, you must read the label so you can know how many pumps would be sufficient for your hairs.

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With great power and success, comes great responsibility. This is a philosophy that Bob Reina and his Talk Fusion team live by. He has dedicated his time to helping people achieve their dreams.



The desire to give back to the community and help the people attain their dreams is the foundation of the Talk Fusion Company. That is the reason why the team strives to do more.



A great leader leads by example, and Bob has made an impact on the world through his personal donations. He has contributed over $ 1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Reina has also made significant contributions to supporting the animals and the orphanages in Indonesia.



Through his Company, Bob has been able to change lives. His mission to give back to the community led to the launch of a new program. The program allows all the Talk Fusion Affiliates to donate a free account to the charity of their choice. The free account comes with different features which include branding and complete customizing. The charities will also be able to access the various marketing products like Email, newsletters, and Video chat.



About Bob Reina



Bob Reina is the founder of Talk Fusion, launched in 2007. His goal and mission are to help the charities and non-profits across the world. He has enabled them to reach more people with their services and attain their goals.



Bob was once a police officer. However, his desire to help people led him to establish the Talk Fusion. He concentrated most of his efforts to building the WebRTC Technology. With this technology, all the people will be able to communicate anywhere and anytime.



Bob has developed excellent marketing skills that have enabled him to achieve success in the video communication industry. He has different passions that keep him busy. Apart from giving back, he loves the animals. Most of his efforts have been directed to rescuing the animals.



Through the different projects, Bob has managed to lead Talk Fusion to greater heights. He continues to motivate his employees and provide a great environment for them to work.


Mike Baur is both an entrepreneur and businessman. He is the managing partner and also the co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike has been working in the banking industry for more than twenty years. He formerly worked for Clariden Leu and UBS. Mike later started investing in startup firms. Mike co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister in 2014. Baur is a former member of the jury of the START Summiteer. The START Summiteer is a startup pitching competition that is held by the University of St. Gallen.


Mike Baur was appointed to serve as the deputy managing director at CTI Invest in January 2014. This was after the Swiss Startup Factory had partnered with CTI. Mike headed the accelerator program of the Swiss Startup Factory in conjunction with the Goldbach Group in 2016. He also led the accelerator program with Fintech Fusion in 2016. The Wall Street Journal compiled a profile about Mike Baur starting from his early career journey working in banking to his investments in startup companies and also his entrepreneurship journey. Mike has steered the Swiss Startup Factory to massive growth and success.


The Swiss Startup Factory offers services in coaching, financing, mentoring, access to a big investor, entrepreneurial network, and office space to startups. The company offers the upcoming and talented entrepreneurs living in Switzerland a top proficient execution platform to guide them via a business-driven and dedicated process. The Swiss Startup Factory has assisted numerous startups in Switzerland since its inception in 2014. Mike is in charge of the financing rounds and all management issues at Swiss Startup Factory. He ensures that the company attains its strategic goals. The Swiss Startup Factory offers a 3-month program that has proven very effective to many startups.


Mike Baur was born in Fribourg, Switzerland. He is highly connected to his homeland. The passion of working in the industry of Banking and Finance grew in Mike at a tender age. He admits that being able to work in that field now is an enormous satisfaction to him. He started working in the Swiss Private Banking as an apprentice working for UBS. He later rose to hold the position of an executive board member at a big private bank in Switzerland. Mike started his journey in entrepreneurship at the age of 39 years. He has an MBA that he earned from the University of Rochester, New York, and an executive MBA acquired from the University of Bern.


When I look at a person like Eric Pulier, I see someone who has many sides to him and yet who is always working toward one goal. He is a man who has done a number of things in his lifetime, and yet he is someone who has remained focused on his goal of helping to make the world a better place. When I see someone like Eric Pulier, I see someone who wants to change the lives of those around him for the better. I see someone who has done great things for those who are in need.

There are children in the world who are living with chronic illnesses and who have lives that are hard to face. Those children are in need of all of the support that they can get, but they are too often overlooked by the rest of the world. When I see Eric Pulier, I see someone who notices those children and who has stepped up more than once in order to help them. Eric Pulier is someone who has worked to create a special social network that helps those children who are ill to have a new place to hang out. When I see Eric Pulier, I see someone who has worked for foundations that help to provide such children with a better life.

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When I look at a man like Eric Pulier, I see someone who has always been dedicated to bettering himself. I see someone who has worked hard to learn how to do great things. When I look at Eric Pulier, I see someone who was working on programming computers at an age when most would not attempt such a challenge. While in the fourth grade, this man was someone who was doing work that adults struggle to do. When I look at Eric Pulier, I see someone who went to Harvard and received a degree that helped him advance and become great.Eric Pulier is someone who has done great things and who continues to do great things. I think he is someone worthy of respect.


Using Google AdWords or Bing Ads are only a couple ways to get your business name out there beyond other means like SEO and social media marketing, but they can still be highly effective and important to use. You might wonder why pay for PPC ads or other SEM engines when you have organic SEO? Organic SEO definitely doesn’t require as much of an investment as SEM, but it can take time such as weeks or months for search engines to put you at the top, and that’s probably not time that you want to wait for. SEM when done properly can get you to the top of search ad results instantly, especially if you hire White Shark Media to do it.


White Shark Media is certified as both a Google Small Business Partner marketing agency, and a Microsoft authorized reseller of Bing Ads, two programs that require adherence to certain guidelines to become listed. Their goal is to take ad campaigns that you’re already running and turn them into revenue generators as opposed to just extra business expenses. Ad campaigns are managed by teams of trained specialists and senior advisors, and customers have contact people they can reach instantly in the event they have questions.


White Shark Media uses as a means to give their customers a free evaluation before hiring. This evaluation does not require you to hire White Shark Media, it’s simply a way for them to explain how they can improve ad campaigns. They will take a look at your existing ads while discussing their strategy with you but they will not actually change anything until you hire them. Also, White Shark Media now allows customers to bring their current AdWords account with them when they signup to avoid losing campaigns that are currently performing well.


Eric Lefkofsky, an entrepreneur from Chicago, is truly a man of action. Little in Lefkofsky’s path has not been touched by either his keen sense of business or his philanthropic endeavors. Over the years, Lefkofsky has founded or co-founded technology start-ups such as Tempus, Lightbank, Groupon, Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, and Inner Workings. These companies have grown into multimillion-dollar businesses under his leadership and guidance.

His company, Tempus, is a company that uses genomic sequencing services which analyze cancer patients molecular and therapeutic data to help doctors make real-time decisions for their patients to help improve their treatment. They hope as they collect data from each previous patient that it will benefit new patients as they undergo treatment. Tempus fits into his many philanthropy efforts.

Lefkofsky and his wife Elizabeth, have started the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which gives millions of dollars to help with enhancing the quality of life in communities. The Foundation goals are to help communities through educational programs, medical research, improving human rights, and cultural endeavors. They offer grants to organizations that have services and programs that provide these four goals to their communities. Lefkofsky, not only supports organizations through his foundation but currently personally serves as a Trustee on the board of several charitable organizations in his hometown community and learn more about Eric.

Lefkofsky wrote a book called Accelerated Disruption which is about the need for businesses to develop at the speed of the next technology advancement to compete. Eric Lefkofsky writes about using conventional wisdom to investigate an idea and find a way to test it without the competition knowing. In his book, he explores the need for quickly releasing product improvements to stay ahead in the market. Another concept dealt with in Lefkofsky’s book is developing a capital strategy that will support your business in critical stages of development which is a leading cause for many businesses to go bankrupt.

Few people do half what Lefkofsky does in their lives.Lefkofsky is a role model we can all follow as he constantly gives back to his community and the world through his business ventures and his charitable giving. Lefkofsky’s giving doesn’t stop with his money though as he gives countless hours each year serving his community through his personal support as he serves on boards as a Trustee. It is easy to see why Lefkofsky is thought to be a man of action.

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Globalization is a term that economists like to throw around. They get on all the television news networks to espouse the benefits of trade deals. These trade deals allow countries to import and sell goods here in the United States without paying an import tax, otherwise known as a tariff. In the end, this allows giant corporations to produce their goods in countries with looser manufacturing laws.

When this happens, human rights and environmental violations begin to take place. Many countries have terrible working standards. Bangladesh, for example, pays their workers less than a dollar per day and the country enforces few, if any, pollution laws. This allows foreign companies to set up manufacturing in the country to save money. The companies save money through reduced wages and far reduced costs on pollution. Essentially, they are allowed to throw their waste right into streams, oceans and forest without any oversight.

This becomes a race to the bottom. The United States has an insatiable appetite when it comes to goods. This creates a scenario where low-wage countries churn out massive amounts of goods while polluting the world and abusing workers along the way. This creates a lot of human rights violations. That’s where Thor Halvorssen comes in.The 39-year-old human rights advocate founded the New York City-based Human Rights Foundation. One of the most important issues to the human rights advocate is economic justice.

Thor Halvorssen does not choose sides in politics. He has worked for right-leaning political organizations, but he’s not afraid to call out the right for any wrongdoing. What he cares about is justice at the political and economic level.Here’s another example. The dictator of Angola paid Nikki Minaj millions for a personal concert. Those millions were stolen from his citizens. The dictator, who is in power with no check or balances, uses his military might to claim the country’s natural resources for himself.Despite his belief in capitalism, he fights hard for economic justice for workers around the world. Globalization is something Thor works hard to stay ahead of in order to protect the rights of more people around the world.

Eric Paul Lefkofsky was born in September, 1969 and may be best known as the co-founder and chairman of Groupon. But there is so much more to his story! Educated at the University of Michigan, where he obtained both his bachelor’s degree plus his juris doctor, his estimated net worth exceeds $1.7 billion. While at the University of Michigan, Eric Paul Lefkofsky began selling carpet and after law school in 1993, he purchased Brandon Apparel. From there, his story increases good impressions via his expert technological knowledge and experience.

Following a healthy list of added accomplishments, in 2016 he co-founded Tempus and today serves as chief executive officer. He also has seats on numerous boards and is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Chicago. Certainly, known as a technological giant, Eric is a major player in the race to cure cancer and has committed millions of dollars to the effort.

Tempus is in Chicago and functions to work with the medical industry to help doctors become increasingly better equipped to more quickly assess information that will guide them to make the most effective treatment decisions. The organization accomplishes this lofty goal by creating a database that stores and analyzes medical information and produces material that allows the physician to assess potential treatment options and the implications associated with each treatment. Initially, Tempus appeared to be operating “under cover” and in the background until September, 2016 when Eric announced partnership with Northwestern University. Other partners include such esteemed institutions as The Mayo Clinic and Penn Medicine. Eric is helping the world by using ever improving technological advancements to research, test and treat patients.

At start up, Tempus was working with pancreatic, breast, and lung cancers; however, adding more types of cancer is in our future. While the company’s name may or may not be traced to any meaning, in mythology, the name “Tempus” is also known as the “Lord of Battles” and was the god of war. Considering the world’s growing fight with the deadly disease, it was a great name choice. His LinkedIn profile says it best. Eric specializes in “turning conventional business into e-enabled business with technology serving as a catalyst to revolutionize the conventional business process.” Thank you, Eric, for your expertise and support of this disease that has adversely touched so many lives.

In 2006, Eric and his wife Elizabeth also created the Lefkofsky Foundation to support charities, scientific efforts, educational organizations and other worldwide causes. The foundation has helped to fund over 50 organizations thus far with a focus on children and Eric of resume.

Reputation control is a critical service that all establishments should consider. The increasing popularity of social networking sites and discussion forums has made it easy for any person to post whatever information they want on the Internet. Negative remarks derogatory reviews from malicious competitors or irate customers can have adverse effect on an organization’s reputation online.

People go online to learn about a company and its products and services before deciding whether to make a purchase or go somewhere else. Most only buy from reputable businesses and having good reviews is a way to convince them your business is trustworthy. If your business or personal profile is not positive, people will not want to do business with you.

Having an informative website or blog or that catches the attention of visitors and keeps them coming back, is an excellent way to portray an excellent image. Make you update your website or blog on a regular basis so that visitors know it is current. Get in touch with a knowledgeable team of credibility and reputation management professionals for guidance on removing derogatory reviews about your business.

Online reputation management is a challenging process, so it pays to spend the time required to select an online reputation management establishment that can produce great results. Keep in mind that not all online reputation management enterprises are created equal and, in order to perform as effectively as possible, the organization you select must have certain traits that are searched for in reliable enterprises. along with providing a strong knowledge of common search engine optimization strategies and tactics, a good online reputation management organization will also be proficient at content management and development.

Many online reputation management organizations have been advising and rendering guidance on seo techniques and content creation to suppress negative search results. These companies create videos, websites, social media, blogs, and articles to promote their clients’ reputation online and subdue negative reviews. These professionals also have expertise in creating press releases for distribution. Contact a highly reputable team to learn how their services can help you defend against threats and prevent attacks.


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