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The premier water bottled company Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, an American company founded by Ryan Emmons, leads the industry after growing more than 5,000 percent.

According to Organic Authority, it is estimated that Waiakea spring had a growth of around 170 percent yearly. Waiakea Water, which is based on a triple bottom line platform, was established in 2012 by the Californian Emmons, businessman who is barely 25.

Not only that, but this company will in the near future create another manufacturing facility in Hawaii. Currently, the company operates in more than 30 states, and sells its products in through more than 2,000 retailers. It may also expand internationally in the near future.

According to the founder of Waiakea water, he is really proud of the results. The company in its first year was barely able to sell a few thousand cases of water, so the young entrepreneur never expected such dramatic results, especially since Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has only been around for a few years. In 2015, the company sold more than 145,000 cases of water. Currently, Emmon’s business is estimated to have a worth of more than $10 million.

But Emmons is also happy for another reason. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, a company that deeply believes in social responsibility, has donated more than 500 million of liters of water to African individuals in conditions of extreme poverty. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

This company has a very unique and noble policy. It donates 600 liters of water for every liter sold. Philanthropy plays a crucial role in Waiakea’s culture, and it shows clearly through its practices. The company has a deep focus on sustainability, ethics and general health. For example, all of the bottles produced on behalf of Waiakea are BPA free. They are also produced of 100 percent recycled materials.

Emmons believes as well that his success is derived from doing things unconventionally. He preferred to stay away from the conventional business model that emphasizes on profit. Instead, he focused on the environment and humanity’s well being as whole. Emmon’s business was the first of its kind to be considered fully carbon neutral.

The water sold by Waiakea Water is also very healthy because of its low acidity levels and nutritious contents. The water is said to be filtered through thousands of feet of porous lava rock, which is why it is very rich in electrolytes and minerals. This type of water brings a lot of health benefits, and it is thought to be superior to tap water.

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and the founder of the Swiss Startup Factory which was launched in 2014. Mike has worked in the Switzerland banking for over 20 years, and he got a lot of experience. He is responsible for fundraising and funding of start-ups at the Swiss Start-Up factory. The Swiss Start-up Factory is a Zurich-based company that helps to accelerate growth for entrepreneurs who work on the digital platform. The factory has opportunities that are very informative and growth oriented. From the first day to the factory an entrepreneur has a chance to grow tremendously because the factory has very many networks all over Switzerland and around the world.

Swiss Start-Up Factory runs a three-month long program that offers services to entrepreneurs on mentorship, business training and it also provides an office space for the new entrepreneurs at Zurich central business center, the location is very strategic for networking. The factory helps the entrepreneur be able to identify factors that kill start-ups and train on how to evade them. It’s not everyone who can contribute to a business growth especially on its initial stages SSUF has a package that empowers business owners to know the kind of people to keep to ensure the business achieves its long-term goals.

For any business to grow there must be a reliable source of fund to keep its operations running. Swiss Start-up Factory has some investors both internal and external that help start-ups with funds to be in business until they break even. Management of business also determines the far it can go that’s why SSUF emphasizes on training on best management skills to ensure the businesses are run professionally. Technology is also a tool that no business can’t ignore the factory ensures that all the start-ups have access to an expert who has vast knowledge on information technology. The expert develops strategies such as digital marketing and creating online platforms where the entrepreneurs can sell products to consumers globally. Technology is the best discovery that businesses in the 20th century can use to broaden the market. It’s now easy to buy a product from any part of the world and get it as soon as possible. Mike Baur has excelled so much in business after embracing technology that’s why when he is speaking to young entrepreneurs he urges them to exploit the huge potential digital space has. It’s also very vital for a start-up to be so keen on managing it’s human resource the success of the business is determined by the employees and it’s prudent to make them motivated and let them be part of the mission the business has.

The holidays are a time of fellowship and joy with our families. A festive mood and a longing to connect at a deeper level over a glass of wine is the perfect combination. UK Vintners provides some of the best wines for the season. They will guide you on the different options depending on your palate and potential pairings.

They have provided five wines that will definitely meet your consumption needs.

Beychevelle from 2008

This medium bodied, white wine is produced by St. Julien. It has a Robert Parker Score of 89. A tasting will consist of raspberry and cranberry with dark fruits on the back end. This wine should be consumed within the first fifteen years of its life.

D’Yquem 2009

This white wine si produced by Chateau d’Yquem Winery of France. It pairs with Christmas dessert with a tasting of lemon curd, apricot white peach, and honey. This gives you a refined finish and asking for more.

Montrose 1998

This gorgeous medium bodied red wine from St.-Estephe is very elegant. This merlot blends tastes of delicious fruit with black cherry, earthy and plum. This should be consumed in 2016 and not much longer after that. This has a Robert Parker Score of 90.

Ducru Beaucaillou

Choose the vintage from 2005 and you will not be disappointed. This has just come of age tastes of plums, sweet cassis as well as licorice. This is a blend of 33% Merlot and 67% Cabernet Sauvignon. This does have a higher alcohol content coming at 13.6% as well as higher tannins.

Pichon Baron 1998

This vintage is ready to be shared this holiday season. This medium bodied wine is blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. It has a Robert Parker Score of 91. This low acid wine tastes of black currants, charcoal, and nice sweet oak flavor.

UK Vintners is an independent wine merchant who has the expertise and experience to choose excellent wines. Their goal is to find the elusive wine that will make your holiday season. If you are interested in investment wines they can provide you with the necessary information to make an investment that will grow over the years.

In addition to selling wine, UK Vintners also has the ability to broker wine, such as that investment you stashed away years ago.Working with UK Vintners you will find the best opportunities to invest in excellent, quality wine for you to enjoy over the years.

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When one thinks of the current movers and shakers within the fashion industry, certain names come to mind. Versace. Ford. But Goldenberg as in Adam Goldenberg? The young technology geek who made his name in computer gaming? What does he know about fashion?

By Goldenberg’s own admission at first, not much. There’s no question that he has known his way around the business world since an early age. Adam Goldenberg sold the gaming company he developed at age fifteen to Intermix Media (creators of MySpace) and three years later, instead of heading off to college went to work for that company himself. Two years later, he was running Intermix Media, the nation’s youngest COO of a publicly traded company at age twenty.

But Goldenberg wasn’t just a wonder kid at Intermix Media, he was meeting them, too. One of them was entrepreneur Don Ressler, whose savvy managing and selling of online businesses had made him a millionaire and caught Goldenberg’s eye. After Intermix Media’s sale to a larger corporation, the two formed a partnership and founded Intelligent Beauty. This online start-up featured health and beauty aids, including several that Goldenberg and Ressler had a hand in developing.

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The leap from health and beauty products to fashion ones was perhaps inevitable. Goldenberg and Ressler decided to begin selling clothing from their Intelligent Beauty site. But they envisioned a clothing arm that would feature exciting new fashions at reasonable prices, propelled by social media. And the site would be fueled by the then new “fashion subscription model”. Participants would share information on personal fashion tastes. Each month for a fixed price Goldenberg and Ressler’s company would then send each participant an assortment of fashion items that fit her particular profile. Subscribers also had the option of passing on monthly offerings, making this service even more appealing.

Christened JustFab, this company launched in 2006. Since by his own admission Goldenberg doesn’t “know the difference between a Mary Jane and a peep-toed shoe”, he and Ressler worked with designers and stylists to come up with appealing products. In 2013 in an attempt to add “affordable glamor” to the line, Adam Goldenberg teamed with actress Kate Hudson who wanted to design a line of athletic clothing. The result was Fabletics, which offered tops and leggings at affordable prices. The Fabletics brand was so successful that a men’s line was added two years later. However, some consumers noted that not only didn’t customers look like Hudson wearing the Fabletics brand, many larger size wearers couldn’t fit into the products either. In 2016, JustFab announced that Fabletics would soon be unveiling more “all-inclusive sized” products to satisfy this demand.

And Fabletics isn’t the only Goldenberg product undergoing changes. Also in 2016, JustFab announced a name change to TechStyle to better reflect this company’s unique combination of digital technology and fashion. And given that this company now has a billion dollar value, it would seem that Adam Goldenberg not only has a good and influential grasp on technology, but on how people want to spend their fashion dollars.

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Methodist University Cox School appoints James Dondero to its Executive Board. James Dondero is Cofounder and President of Highland Capital Management, a Dallas based asset management firm. Highlands Capital Management already supports endowments for the school such as Highlands Capital Management Tower Scholars and the George W Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

According to Insider Monkey, James Dondero speaks highly of the relationship the business community and the school. The board is about one hundred members and they meet three times in a year. Most of the members are actually non-academics. He sits on other boards as well. These are the NexPoint residential Trust, Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, Jernigan Capital and MGM studios. Dondero is well-rounded man indeed. Who knows if he envisioned this moment himself so many years ago back 1993 with his partner and cofounder Mark Okada at the start of their business.

Highlands Capital Management does it all, just like the men who put it all together and let it grow past, present and future financial momentum. The organization handles credit strategies. These include hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations and long only funds.

They may also in tale separate accounts or distressed and special-situation private equity. They work with important and connected people. Their client list includes public pension plans, endowments, corporations and financial institutions.

The Cox School of Business has a history of being established in 1920 on the Southern Methodist University at Dallas, Texas. And in 1978 the school receives the name of its benefactor Edwin L Cox. At present date, the school has global academic centers and a worldwide network of alumni.

And with its new addition in the form of one cofounder and President Dondero as a board member, there is one more brick in the foundation of the Dallas business community.

Learn more about James Dandero:

When a lot of people see someone as successful, a lot of different ideas go through their heads. Among the ideas that people get about the successful person is that he is lucky. Another idea that they get about him is that he is somehow better than them. Marc Sparks as a successful entrepreneur does not see himself as either. As a matter of fact, he believes that anyone can achieve the same type of success that he himself has achieved.

The one thing that they have to understand is that a lot of successful entrepreneurs didn’t just walk into their success or wake up one day on a pile of money.

One of the things that Marc hoped to do was help people who are interested to take a path that is very similar to what he has taken. He believes that anyone can achieve the type of success that he himself has achieved. Therefore, he is willing to outline a path for people to follow. Among the different things that he would say about his success is that his path was paved with a lot of trials. He would also tell people that no one is going to succeed perfectly the first time around.

Among the things that he has done in order to spread information to people is write books. Among the books that he has wrote is “They Can’t Eat You“. This is one of the books that offer people advice on what they can do in order to become successful entrepreneurs.

Good Reads stated that Marc Sparks is also someone who donates to causes. He believes that a large part of success is giving back to the community. As someone who has started a series of successful businesses, he has a lot of compassion and is willing to help people who are less fortunate than he is.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has opened up a new area of treatment and study for dentists around the country. He recently founded the company Dental Sleep Masters, that focuses on a program that diagnoses and treats patients with sleep apnea. Individuals with sleep apnea can experience waking up up to 30 times a night. This can lead to serious health problems such as weight gains, diabetes, high blood pressure and even a stroke.


Realizing the seriousness because up to 90% of individuals with sleep apnea may go diagnosed, Dr. Avi Weisfogel understood how catastrophic this could be for the individual. He also saw a huge opportunity for fellow dentists to assist and grow their practice. In 2014, he founded Dental Sleep Masters, which focuses on a partnership with physicians and dentists in the identification and treatment of sleep apnea. The treatment gets away from the large, noisy and expensive CPAP Machine often prescribed by sleep physicians and labs. Instead it focuses on the recently FDA approved upper airway stimulation method to allow patients to get a good night of rest.


Dr. Wiesfogel founded Dental Sleep Masters after 15 years of dental practice. He has a Bachelor of Art from Rutgers University. He received his Doctor of Dental surgery from New York University. Since 2014, he has been showing and converting hundreds of doctors and dentist to the Dental Sleep Masters program. The integrations of the two professions have come together to demonstrate care that others will try to emulate in the future. Everybody wins, including the patients.

Raj Fernando is the brilliant mind behind, an online startup that offers secure advanced communication systems to corporates. He has twenty-five years of experience in the international financial markets and a decade in technological innovations. With such extensive practice, the former CEO and founder of Chopper Trading provide exceptional insight to fellow cooperate, associates.

Currently, Raj is on the board of directors for the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and American Security Project. He is also a committee member of Foreign Policy Leadership at the Brookings Institute. Raj Fernando’s portfolio does not end on that note; he is also a board member of no-kill animal shelter, PAWS Chicago and Board of Trustees for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. In addition, Raj Fernando funds the Clinton Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago and Wounded Warriors.

Raj Fernando’s Business Achievements

Chicago Mercantile Exchange was the birthplace for Raj Fernando’s career. He joined the company as a volunteer while still in college and worked his way up. After serving in different positions at the Chicago Board of Trade, Mr. Raj Fernando established Chopper Trading in 2002. He, later on, stopped trading and invested his time fully in making Chopper trading the technological powerhouse of today. At Chopper Trading, Raj was able to come up with the most sophisticated Source code, communications, monitoring, risk management, and trading security systems, the financial world has ever seen.

Within a decade, Chopper Trading grew into a leading market participant trading on the biggest global exchanges the likes of Eurex, LSE, CME, NASDAQ, and ICE. Chopper Trading has employed over 250 brightest traders and engineers worldwide. However, late 2015, Mr. Raj sold Chopper Trading to one of the leading global financial trading groups, DRW. In 2016, Raj Fernando began his online presence by launching

During his career, Raj Fernando has featured in several functions. While working with US Commodity Trading Futures Commission (CFTC), Raj featured as a panelist in the commission’s discussion on disruptive trading practices in 2010. In the 2013 annual Rosenblatt, Global Exchange Leader Conference, Mr. Raj Fernando also got the opportunity to address an audience of the industry’s shareholders.

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Getting employees who uphold the right ethical standards in their places of work is not a walk in the park. The corporate sector has always had a bad name due to the problem. There are no people who are honest enough to ensure that the industry is no longer corrupt and that the right procedures are followed. This sector has always had a bad name thanks to the lack of honest people who have the ability to expose wrong doings and corrupt people working in these companies.


It takes a lot for an individual to maintain the perfect ethical integrity required by an organization. Although all the individuals employed in these companies want to do the right thing and follow all the laid rules all the time, sometimes they lack the character to do so. The people around them can entice them to do so, and sometimes, it is difficult to avoid this temptation at all times. The finance sector is the most difficult to handle since money is involved. Individuals find themselves getting some for accounts forgetting that the money belongs to the company.


Helane Morrison has proved that things can be done perfectly in the industry. Since the year 2000, she has ensured that she has not done anything to compromise the reputation of the organization she works for. She has worked hard to earn her position and money without getting involved in any corruption activities.


She started in the journalism industry where she held several positions for several years. She continued working hard, getting an appointment in the government. She is an office administrator at the moment, a position that is rarely for women. In fact, she is the woman to get the position. She understands the importance of following the rules and doing the right things.


Helane Morrison has brought justice in the government. She has made sure people who are corrupt and dishonest are convicted in a court of law. She also ensures that people who are wrongly accused are freed from injustice. Her main focus is exposing any corrupt individuals at work. At the moment, she is an important player in the corporate industry. She has managed to do this because she is very powerful, very influential and determined to ensure that her dreams for the corporate world come true. She has worked in this industry for three decades now, and her work has never been questionable.


Vintners’ Hall, the spiritual home to the UK Vintners trade hosted over 120 elite members of London’s Livery Companies. The members, consisting of mostly wardens and clerks of these livery companies regularly hold events around London. This time, however, they were treated to an illuminating event that exuded the venue’s elegant décor as well as the creative service and catering skills of the staff.

The event featured upscale foods at the reception such as broad bean, smoked eel croquettes, pepperonata baskets, prosciutto ham and Tietar cheese, Foie gras, rosemary and goats curd, truffle buttons, and white chocolate. Searcys, a catering and management service company that serves at Vintners’ Hall catered for the foods.

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Assistant Clerk of The Worshipful Distillers’ Company, Kim Lyons expressed satisfaction with the service they were afforded by Vintners’ Hall and claimed they would hold all the major events of the year in that venue. Vintners’ Hall and Searcys received credit for facilitating an inspiring and memorable event coupled with their flexibility and quality. The event started with sampling and tastings of over 200 top shelf spirits then proceeded to cuisine tasting.

The Sales & Marketing Manager for Searcys, Patricia Paixao admitted that it was their most successful event yet after receiving positive feedback and inquiries from some people. Clerk to the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants, Julie Fox, was left in awe of the Vintners’ Hall. She claimed it was the perfect event venue due to its sense of grandeur.

Learn more about Vintner’s Hall here.

About UK Vintners

Vintners’ Hall received its first Charter in 1363. It is one of 12 Livery Companies in London and one of the first companies to be established boasting over 650 years in the business. The company has over 500 members. The company’s solid foundation is based on wine regulation, importation, and sale in the UK. Members of the Vintners‘ Hall as the Trade’s “spiritual home.”

Despite being established in the middle age, the UK Vintners company ( has evolved and continues to play a significant role in trade, charitable, educational and social interests. The company hosts a historical event known as ‘Swan Upping’ that takes an annual census of the swan population along River Thames.

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