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Businesses that do not harness the full power of IP Geolocation fail to reap its many benefits, which include the wonderful privilege of communicating with clients and the tools that help benefit businesses activities. Harnessing the power of the company called Location Smart, businesses are given a tried and tested platform that can help optimize the numerous advantages of IP geolocation.


When devices are connected to a network, may it be extranet, intranet, or internet models, each is assigned a unique IP address. The main function of an IP address is for a network to be able to identify the individual device or specific user. Another one of its functions is the geolocation identification.


Fortunately, the power of the IP address extends beyond its geolocation function and helps many businesses in many crucial ways. Depending on the kind of industry, specific functions have the potential of boosting profitability, improving internal functions, and opening opportunities some may not even be aware of. Read on below to find out the many fantastic opportunities that Location Smart can help businesses with:


Helps Comply with Legal Regulations


Some industries are majorly regulated in order to retain their function, and this includes geographic location. For instance, mobile lottery games and online casinos are required to comply with this function for both state and local laws because betting online is prohibited in some area. A potential player’s location has to be identified and confirmed before he is allowed to bet and accept payouts form an online betting site.


Promotes Risk Reduction of Online Fraud


Online fraud is an endemic problem in this digital world. Putting in the added protection of Location Smart to help verify a user’s identity serves a protection for the both the business and the client. It actually gives customers the confidence to continue doing business with a company because they know that their vital personal information will remain safe and secure.


Harnesses Geo-Specific Advertising along with Real-Time Feedback


Location Smart is able to provide all businesses with real-time data about the location of real customers when they use their mobile apps or mobile sites to access company websites. If a business has the vital information of who, when, and where the data is being accessed from, then the business can communicate with them more efficiently and give direct feedback. This includes providing specialized promos on the products and services that is near them and that the customers are interested in.


Secures a Business Network and Assets


Location Smart Amps up company security because people who log onto the network and their locations are easily identifiable. This can even alert the key stakeholders about hacking attempts, along with other malicious activities, so appropriate action can be administered. On top of that, tracking connected devices become a breeze, which is beneficial when monitoring to decrease financial loss is required.


Protects Copyrights and Digital Data


To profit from digital data like streaming content, only authorized users that have been geolocation verified should be able to access the content. This reduces risks of content pirates plagiarizing the content for their own personal gain.


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Bhanu Choudhrie has been a very busy man recently as he leads his company C&C Alpha Group into a profitable future. One of the subsidiaries of his firm is the Alpha Aviation Academy where aspiring pilots are learning how fly. The academy has become very popular in the Middle East and is doing well in the Philippines, too. The company has been ensuring that a diverse group of pilots train at the academy by reaching out to more women from all over the world.

Bhanu Choudhrie received the entrepreneur of the year award in 2008, which was given to him at the Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards. He served with JP Morgan in the United States after earning his college degree in international business and marketing from Boston University. After serving with JP Morgan for some time, he decided to make a move to London so he could create C&C Alpha. He currently serves as his company’s independent director and also works with Customers Bancorp as a member of its board.

Bhanu Choudhrie has made many successful investments during the course of his life and has expanded C&C Alpha into new regions all around the world. He has also been involved with philanthropy and is serving as the Trustee of the Path to Family Foundation, which was created by how own mother. Alpha Aviation Group is the creator of the pilot academy, and he founded it in order to make the skies safer. Choudhrie has been building new partnerships with airline companies in order to train even more pilots. Part of what he enjoys about working in the aviation sector is the fact that he is able to give young pilots a chance who may have never gotten one if it weren’t for him.

Bhanu Choudhrie has recently partnered up with Boeing and Airbus as well as Philippine Airlines and Etihad Airways. This has gone a long way towards helping to train more pilots. He has also been open to training pilots who are just a bit older than were previously allowed to train before. This has enabled many people to live their dreams and has also opened up the door for many qualified pilots.

Millionaire Interview: Bhanu Choudhrie


There is no doubt that many changes had to be made once we began living in a digital world. One of these changes includes how we market our products to others. The same old reliable techniques no longer hold a powerful punch. Most marketing strategies today need to include digital outlets. These various outlets can be very valuable if executed correctly. Steve Lesnard offices to pieces of advice on to be successful in today’s digital world.

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The first piece of advice that Steve Lesnard offers is that simple is best. Lesnard references Walt Disney’s quote that getting the storyline correct is the most important thing. Meaning that it is important to be clear and concise. Tell the consumer what benefits your product has and why it is better than any other product. Though this sounds easy enough, make no mistake, this is a tough task to accomplish.

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The second piece of advice that Steve Lesnard offers is to bring your product to life. Show how it is used or what it does and the results of using it. Consumers want to know that their needs will be met.

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Early Youth

When Ashley Lightspeed was a youth she had dreams of carrying on in a career following her father’ footsteps as an architect; she even had an office set up in the family’s garage where she would spend hours a day drawing and designing her building in imitation of her father. But as time flew and she matriculated thru the higher education’s realms at Duke University and Copenhagen she understood this about herself, was that she enjoyed prototyping business ideas over building designs. Afterward, Ashley turned her thoughts to business and landed a job at Bain, where she worked for a few years. After her years at Bain Ashely moved to Silicon Valley where she hoped to grow her skills at prototyping. Ashley landed a job at Thumbtack, where she worked in the Cateries department where she learned how to use prototyping in a way that helped consumers grow their businesses. View Ashley’s profile at Linkedin.

LightSpeed Ventures

In 2019 she caught the attention of the people at Lightspeed Ventures and was one of the new additions to the partners at Lightspeed. Ashley Lightspeed now works in the early-growth team where she helps to analyze the growth of companies and see the trends that offer significant growth for them. Daily Ashley Lightspeed draws on her previous experience both at Bain and Thumbtack, her business training at Stanford Business School and the many things she has learned from her partners at Lightspeed. Her addition to Lightspeed has been her ability to see the potential of businesses and draw out those trends with her powers of observation, especially her gift of prototyping growth trends for early growing businesses. Ashley believes that prototyping is a tool that can be used by entrepreneurs to further their opportunities and allow them to rise above failures and iterate growth and move forward with lightning speed.


Gustavo Martinez, a consultant that works in the world of advertising and marketing, recently went over the ways to be successful in the business world with Professional Tales. In an interview with them he revealed some handy tips and tricks that everyone should know.


Starting From The Bottom


In the business world there it is hard to get by on your own success rather than riding on the coat tails of another’s. That is what makes Gustavo Martinez an interesting man, he started from the bottom and worked his way up. At first he started out like any other newbie working for a firm so that he could make a name for himself. At that firm he was able to impress the clients and his peers with his work ethic as well as his creative skills. After having proved himself he was able to move up in the world becoming a CEO at a popular firm, and even a President at another popular firm. Of course, all of his hard work paid off in the end when he was able to become the consultant that his is today in marketing and advertising.


Showing Creativity


There is nothing harder then starting off with a new career in the world of marketing and advertising. In that world the main fuel is creativity rather than the normal punch in, punch out motto of the other industries. This means that those who want to succeed in that industry are going to have to get a little creative with their methods, rather than just waiting for the clock to hit a certain time so that they can go home and get on with their lives. In that world there is a lot of inspiration, and deadlines really are a thing of the past.


Success Begins With Marketing For Startups


There are those out there who really believe that they can just start a business and just have people show up. Those are the types of people who really should be relying on others for their marketing. However, even those who know that it does take great amounts of marketing to get a business going are going to need some help. It is already hard enough to deal with a startup, let alone having to deal with making sure that the right people are coming and going. That is why Gustavo Martinez works as a consultant, to help those with startups succeed.


Leading With Creativity


Yes, it is important to make sure that a team is always meeting deadlines and doing what is needed to be done. However, leaders are not just supposed to hand out tasks and wait for their team members to complete those task while they work on their own tasks. To be a leader one has to make sure that they are connecting with the individuals that are working on their team. They have to make sure that praise is going where it needs to go, and help is as well. No one ever succeeded without having made a few mistakes, and that is something that not a lot of leaders remember. Gustavo Martinez knows that it is important to help team members realize their mistakes and help them learn from them, rather than being a bully. Leadership takes time, patience, and creativity.


Gustavo Martinez


As someone who has over 35 years under his belt working for an industry that chews people up and spits them out, Gustavo Martinez has become quite famous. Martinez worked hard to earn his way through the ranks, and he has done a good job doing so. Throughout the long years that he has been working as a leader, team member, and consultant he has become very successful. That is why he is able to hand out such great advice, and why he will continue to be successful in the future.


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Review the history of OSI Group. The company is old. A century old. The company was began by an ambitious ad hard-working immigrant. The company was founded in Chicago in an immigrant filled company. The company began as a family business in this community. The company was small. The company sold meat. Fast forward to today and OSI is very different than how it began. Yet, they still remain true to being an innovative company that works hard to create new products and try new ideas. Doing something different and new has allowed them to experience a decade full of prosperity. The company today is experiencing what it is like to invent and produce a meatless hamburger patty for customers.

The hamburger patty is nothing new for OSI Group. Decades ago it was their iconic hamburger patty that allowed them to become the regional supplier of food for McDonalds. Selling hamburger patties has allowed this company to become a household name. Today, the type of hamburger patty they are focusing on is quite new. They have joined forces with Impossible Foods to manufacture and distribute the Impossible Burger. See this article at

The Impossible Burger is a plant based burger. What has got the attention of OSI to work on creating a plant base burger when they normally create beef burgers is customer demand. More and more people are becoming health conscious. They are turning to non-meat and more plant based diets. OSI never misses out on the chance to financially benefit from a deal. Therefore, with Impossible Foods they are creating the Impossible Burger.

OSI Group has a rich history of partnerships. The company has the capacity, facility, staffing and machinery to develop facilities and operations that is best fitting for partners and people to come together and get issues solved. impossible Foods has taken the world by storm with their Impossible Burger. This is good news for the company. It is a good problem to have a highly demanded product that you cannot enough produce quickly enough to meet the demand. OSI Group is going to remove some of the stress from Impossible Foods by launching this burger into retail outlets and working with them to create a plan that will ensure that Impossible Foods’ clients are able to receive product on time. Read:

With so many individuals as well as business owners wanting a solid investment expert they can work with, it is no surprise that Michael Nierenberg has become the go-to for a lot of individuals. The great thing about Michael Nierenberg is that he has the experience and dedication behind him to get the job done and he has the experience to work with different clients of varying needs. You can get to know more about this expert by going to his social media sites as well as other companies as well.

With a lot of people choosing to make use of Michael Nierenberg and finding him to be a solid choice for each of your needs, it is important that you take a look at this for yourself. You can find a professional who is willing to work with just about any type of investment issue that you have and it will help in creating exactly what you need for your own benefit.

You will enjoy being able to utilize Michael Nierenberg and see what he can do for you and how it is going to work well for each of your every needs when hiring him for this purpose.

For details:

Visalus is an organization that has immensely given healthy lifestyle solutions to their members for over 10 years. The firm under its president Mr Blake Mallen and the Chief Executive Officer Nick Sarnicola has presented remarkable solutions through their leadership. Nick Sarnicola realized the overwhelming challenges faced by people through their journey to live a healthy lifestyle. His unmatched skills of leadership have benefited over two million associates globally. This has resulted in the company being a powerhouse in the countries it operates from such as Europe and North America.

The CEO of Visalus has provided the best rated products, platform and support for the members to challenge oneself. With the latest being Body by Vi challenge that ensures all members of all ages achieve fitness goals. Besides the agility to achieve lifestyle goals, Sarnicola helps members improve financial wellbeing. The company has products sold through a network marketing method and Mr. Sarnicola being an expert in that field makes him the highest earner. Nick was introduced in the marketing industry by a stranger during his working days at the mall. The founding member of Visalus shelved the idea as most people do. The worst happened and the company he was working for terminated their services.

Nick teamed up with Visalus and bought assets from the company he was working for. The idea given to Nick Sarnicola by the stranger was considered and started the Visual company based on the ideas from the stranger. He later quit his managerial position and joined the distribution team. As a result of his best ratings, Nick has partnered with his wife and they share the topmost position in Visalus. Sarnicola is estimated to make $221,000 in a month which brings out the glow in his expertise practice on marketing. Prolonged practice and unmatched expertise in marketing made it possible for Nick Sarnicola to make millions of dollars in his twenties, and with the help of active members that he frequently visits in North of America,they helped to the realization and building of Visalus. The work he has put in has enabled him to improve the way he lives.


Bowing to the Chinese government’s demand and media criticism, the parent company of Riot GamesCulture, Tencent, made an unusual request of it, one which compromises their American values. Tencent requested that Riot Games upgrade the Chinese version of League of Legends which an anti-addiction system specifically to comply with the Chinese government’s demand in its attempt to limit the amount of time minors play games to two hours. The anti-addiction system which Riot Games installed displays an “anti-addiction warning” messages on the screen of the game once the total daily two-hour play limit nears. It is said that failure to comply with the message and get off the game will result in a severe in-game penalty or being excluded from the game. Moreover, if minors attempt to play between the hours of 9 p.m. and 8 a.m., he or she will receive an on-screen remainder that playing is not allowed at this time.

Tencent is not the only company in China to bow to the Chinese government’s demand nor is Riot Games the only company in the United States to do so. The Chinese gaming market, which is a $36.5 billion industry, is too lucrative for any gaming company to risk being locked out of, and they have, since 2018, been complying with Chinese government’s demand to install a tracking system as well as an ID verification method within their games. This compliance on the part of American companies to Chinese government’s demand to essentially participate in the intrusion on the privacy of the latter’s citizens is completely contrary to American norms.

Contact Riot GamesCulture:

The long and prosperous career of Bhanu Choudhrie has involved facets such as strategic investment and philanthropy and he is widely acclaimed for his founding of C&C Alpha Group. His current responsibilities see him providing critical oversight into investments within a diverse portfolio from a wide number of industries. These areas of business include aviation, real estate, utilities, and the hospitality sector, among others. Since he kicked off C&C Alpha Group, Bhanu Choudhrie has been involved in both new businesses and ones that are already established but looking to reach new company goals. The successes that he has achieved professionally have provided Bhanu Choudhrie with the kind of financial security that has allowed him to pursue many other passions such as dedicated philanthropic efforts and the operation of his aviation academy known as the Alpha Aviation Academy.

After many years cultivating success in a number of different ventures, Bhanu Choudhrie finally launched C&C Alpha Group in 2001. He has provided the organization with expert leadership since beginning operations and this includes helping to develop the strong portfolio of investments that C&C Alpha Group has become known for throughout its existence. Many of the investments made by Bhanu Choudhrie and his team include ones that are in the world’s fastest-growing, emergent marketplaces. These markets include places such as the Philippines and India. During the time that he has headed up C&C Alpha Group, Bhanu has also been active on several other executive boards.

Investment has been a big part of the Choudhrie family for many years. As far back as Bhanu can remember, the family has been involved in the occupation. It seemed only natural to him to get involved with the field and he has pursued it with great passion throughout his professional life. The formation of C&C Alpha Group was an extension of this deep passion for the field of investment. He is truly continuing on his family’s tradition of entrepreneurship in doing the work that he currently engages in. The successes he achieves also allow for him to be able to give back to the world through philanthropy.

Bhanu Choudhrie: Aviation Expert and Entrepreneur

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