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Randal Nardone is a financial analyst and legal expert and has interests in over eight organizations across different industries. He co-founded the Fortress Investment Group with the aid of Wesley Edens. Randal Nardone serves both as the CEO and the director of the organization. Although he studied law, he ventured into financing after working as an associate in Thatcher& Proffitt Law Firm. He observed that the two sectors could be interlinked to offer a competitive advantage in financial services. In the past, he served in organizations such as Newcastle Investment Corp, Blackrock Financial Management Inc, and other business. Randal used the opportunities to improve his leadership skillsin finance.

In the past twenty years, Randal Nardone has coordinated the operations of Fortress Investment and guided it to success. He is held as having 50 million shares that are valued at $1.6 billion. The figure places him in the 557th position of the Forbes Billionaire List. Nardone acquires the investment skills while working in UBS where he served as the director. He can be painted as a committed and hardworking leader keen on remaining competitive in the financial market. His skills have equally seen him being included on the executive boards of huge corporations in the USA. He is the director and chairperson of the Newcastle Investment Corp. his extensive professional links makes it possible to manage the operations of Fortress Investment Group and other ventures.

Services and Products offered by Fortress Investment Group

The group deals in investment management and is a private equity listed in the NYSE. It has alternative assets that are valued at over $ 70.2 billion. In 2014, the group was named as the Hedge Fund Manager of the Year. In 2017, Softbank exhibited its interest to acquire the enterprise. it bought the investment group for $3.3 billion. Despite the merger, the organization retained its identity and continues to be managed by Randal Nardone. It is also a portfolio Company and has interest in Florida East Coast Railway, Apollo Global Management, Canadian Ski Resort, and the Florida East industries. The ventures in different industries minimize chances of loss and ensure that the organization remains competitive in the market.

Gluteal augmentation has become one of the most areas with incredibly growing high demand. The Brazilian Butt gluteal augmentation is attained through grafting. This procedure helps in moving fat from one section of the body to the other. The procedure can also cause fat embolism which occurs when fat tissue traces gets into blood vessels. Despite that there are rare cases of embolism, it can be a dangerous issue. Sam Jejurikar is a plastic surgeon in Dallas. He and his partners put safety as the major priority. The Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force usually holds various meetings and workshops across the world to discuss various issues. Their discussions include educating patients and medical professionals about the benefits and risks related to Brazilian Butt Gluteal Augmentation.

Sam Jejurikar has shared in both domestic and international conferences to enlighten people about gluteal augmentation fat drafting surgery procedures. Among the most critical issues with Brazilian Butt, Lifts is safety. Dr. Jejurikar is always careful and works towards preventing any complication with his practices in gluteal augmentation. He noted that the level of experience in the gluteal augmentation determines the safety of the procedure. In their meetings, they have held productive dialogue and are set to offer some specific guidelines to surgeons all over the world. Dr. Jejurikar stated that they hope that they have great hope in that this will help to reduce the number of death linked to the Brazilian Butt Lifting rate in future.

Sam Jejurikar also shares about patients’ safety on his blog. He talks about the importance of experienced plastic surgeons. He recommends patients to go for the most experienced surgeons since they have a greater understanding of how to safely carry out operation procedures. He also noted that he had learned to create a balance between his desire in testing the greatest and the most recent techniques with the methods that he is quite aware of their safety and effectiveness. This is what enables him to get the best results for his patients.

Presently, OSI Group is one of the largest organizations in the United States that is privately owned. The company has more than 65 branches spread all over the world. OSI Group has over 20,000 within those facilities. David McDonald has served the company for more that than 30 years. He joined OSI Group immediately he graduated from the university. He was assigned the role of project manager. Working with OSI Group for such a long period has made him gain enough experience in the industry of food processing. He has grown over the years in his career within the organization to achieve the position he currently holds in the company. David McDonald is the OSI Group chief operating officer as well as the president. Under his leadership, OSI Group has achieved tremendous growth concerning its operations as well as international expansion.

David McDonald played a significant part when it came to the company acquiring the Baho Foods. Baho foods is a food processing industry that offers deli meats as well as snacks. In addition to this, he has been responsible for the company’s expansion developments taking place in China. Moreover, the company acquired the Flagship Europe currently known as Creative Foods Europe under his leadership. Creative Foods Europe is an organization that offers bespoke products of high quality.

David McDonald is experienced when it comes to logistics concerned with food production as well as having vast knowledge of working with local suppliers, government agencies, and retailers from all over the world. David’s childhood background does not look like one that would have brought up such an intelligent guy celebrated all over the world. He grew up in Iowa State and attended Iowa State University for his bachelor’ degree in animal science. However, starting his career immediately after school in the food processing organization has contributed significantly to his current success in the industry.

With Sheldon Lavin, the chief executive officer and the chairman of OSI Group, David is set to take the company to higher heights of success. The company is currently expanding to more areas in the world as well as improving the present facilities. David claims that by the time he was joining the company 30 years ago, he found the company with an aspiration for growth. That aspiration has remained with the company ever since, and it is what is driving them to achieve more growth as well as being committed to quality customer service as it has been the vision of the company since it was established.

After a couple days of Hurricane Harvey’s devastation, the roads of Tim Duncan’s suburban isle north of Houston were insurmountable. The night was falling and the power was out when news came that an added 6 feet of floodwaters from the hurricane was incoming. Plodding through waist-high floodwater, Duncan raised Christy, his wife, his two dogs and 6-year-old son to a FEMA rescue vessel.

The 45-year-old chief executive of Talos Energy, Duncan, was by himself. For the last few months, he had been organizing a $2.5 billion merger with his privately owned company and Stone Energy Company that was publicly exchanged and bankrupt.

Obtaining a distressed outfit roughly the size of his own was quite dangerous, however, it would allow Talos to be a public entity with none of the expenses of public offering. “I have got to get the deal fulfilled,” Duncan said to himself. “The flood will not be an excuse.”

He requested the aid of a private airplane to bring him and his family into Alabama. Upon returning to Texas, he lodged out of his parents’ place which was in Houston but not harmed. After dinner, Duncan would seize the kitchen table and run late into the night for weeks. “I sold this deal in my mom’s kitchen,” he mentions.

Upon the finishing of the merger in May, Talos will assume control over Stone’s listing and Duncan is going to manage an oil organization with an annual income of $900 million.

Nearly all of Talos’ equity will be located in the Gulf of Mexico. It is low-risk profit margin ($2.3 billion in assets against $700 million in debt) that hardly offsets the enormous operating uncertainty in that place where a platform for drilling is hundreds of millions of dollars and the chance of a catastrophic accident is ever present.

This bet is contrarian. The best is somewhere else, in well-trodden areas such as the Permian Basin where modern methods (hydraulic fracturing) can be utilized in old reservoirs. Talos is a lot like a traditional wildcatter, betting on wells not only in U.S. areas but also in politically risky Mexico.

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Felipe Montoro Jens enjoys his popularity as one of the most prominent executives in the leading Brazilian financial institutions. He is exceptionally known for his professional experience in infrastructure projects, working as a consultant on many infrastructure projects around Brazil. He is also a well-known advisor on many sectors that help in various business settings between the government of Brazil and private companies. Recently, Felipe Montoro Jens addressed the CNI study report where he highlighted that there is the need for more coordination to improve infrastructure development. Read this article at about Felipe Montoro Jens

His report on the CNI Study

Based on the CNI study on the Brazilian economy, Felipe Montoro Jens noted that the country’s infrastructure development had been crippled by various financial, operational, and technical issues. Apart from the lacking coordination and technicality of management, the investor highlighted that the country is suffering from poor coordination. Even though almost two percent of the generated revenue is channeled to infrastructure, the sector is still lagging behind.

As such, Felipe Montoro Jens proposes necessary measures that the country should put in place to improve the infrastructure development. The proposals addressed by the investor include improved planning, adoption of the right execution modality, equipping teams adequately, creating balanced contracts, and enhancing internal control. The NCI, known as the National Confederation of Industry, is the body that coordinates all trade unions.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is currently holding many positions in various companies. To add to his consultancy work, he is serving at Arboreol and Emprendimentos as the company’s chairman, and many other big corporations in South America as a director and executive officer cumulatively. Felipe Montoro Jens started his university studies in 1998, at Oregon University. He later moved to further his studies at UC Santa Barbra and obtained a degree in Spanish. Felipe then pursued a kinesiology degree in the same institution. Montoro holds a Business Administration degree from American Garvin School.

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Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer and establisher of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. The company was founded in the year 2009 with the mission of focusing on unique event-driven instances. The firm also focuses on long-term value additional investments. Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC is propelled by research and operates to disapprove misconceptions that have for a long time been used to refer to the over-hyped shorts. These misconceptions are also about the underfollowed longs in the stock business.

Adrangi has used his time as a leader of the company to expand it to include a variety of industries such as mining, biotechnology, and telecommunications. A short time after Adrangi founded and led Kerrisdale Company, he gained popularity in the banking industry after he exposed Chinese companies that promoted fraud actions. Sahm conducted researches that were aimed at prompting the SEC to deal with the Chinese firms that he targeted.

Sahm used his position in Kerrisdale to become one of the significant people in the region. He is currently a frequent guest in many occasions such as conferences where he is invited to speak to listeners about business and investment. Some of the conferences that Sahm Adrangi has ever been a regular guest speaker include the Activist Investor Conference, the Sohn Conference, and the Distressed Debt Investing Conference.

Apart from conferences, Sahm Adrangi is also featured in different publications such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. The investment experience that Sahm Adrangi has is as a result of the various positions he has served both in Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC and Longacre Fund Management LLC. Sahm Adrangi worked with the latter for some years before he established Kerrisdale. At Longacre Fund Management LLC, Adrangi was tasked with the duty to manage more than $2 billion in the sector of Distressed Debt of the firm.

Sahm Adrangi studied at Yale University from 1999 to 2003 where he graduated with a degree in Economics. Sahm was privileged to be among the most productive people of his university period. He also engages in charitable activities as part of giving back to the community, helping the needy and empowering upcoming entrepreneurs.

It is always a good intent to do good things not only for your family, loved ones or friends but also for the general community. Good deeds will never go unrewarded. You may be rewarded by your community, employer or even by international communities. One of the famous and widely acknowledged awards in the world is the Nobel Peace Prize. However, there are many other awards that are awarded to individuals who impact the world in unimaginable ways. Among these awards is the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award that whose recent recipient is Robert Ivy.

The Noel Polk Award is an honor usually given to individuals who are linked with the state of Mississippi and ones who have been magnificent and unrelenting in their work. These are individuals who have stood out in art or have shown an overwhelming support for art. Some of the reputed individuals who have received the award before include, writer Eudora Welty and famous actor Morgan Freeman among others. Robert Ivy is the first architect to receive the award, a fate that many people perceive as rewarding and the best choice the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) had to opt for.

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Robert Ivy served as the Executive Vice president and CEO of AIA and his contributions and commitment to the architectural world is incomparable to none. When he worked at AIA, Mr. Ivy was able to redefine and change the perception of architecture. At the organization, he was able to focus on and emphasize the professional and artistic facets of the American architecture. Many people have described Robert Ivy as the rightful emissary of global architecture not because he was awarded the Noel Polk Award, but for his deeds in transforming the architectural sector.

Despite being a trained, experienced and recognized architect himself, Robert has written many architectural related publications. His masterpieces have been praised by many readers and professionals in the field. Receiving the Noel Polk Award is indeed a dream come true for Mr. Ivy and a recognition that has not fallen into the wrong hands. Robert Ivy has congealed his name not only in the archives of American architect but also in the global platform. What a man and an inspiration.

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Over the past 5 years, social media has continued to become one of the most common ways for people to communicate and get their points and message across. While many people use this, some people are more well known for their social media use than others. One individual that has continued to grow a strong following online is Shervin Pishevar.

Shervin pishevar continues to be one of the more frequently followed people on Twitter and other social media sites due to his historical success as an investor. While many people did not see the dramatic growth opportunity in it, Shervin Pishevar was very vocal in the predicted success of Uber and was also an early investor. Shervin Pishevar now regularly tweets a variety of financial and economic predictions, which many people take very seriously.

While he has frequently had period of time in which he has released the many different Tweets, he had one of his most active days earlier this year when he released dozens of Tweets in a 21-hour period. During this time period, he made a wide variety of predictions, many of which are beginning to become true.

One of the most highlighted and shared predictions that he made was in terms of Bitcoin. During 2017, the price of the digital currency soared. This was then fueled by more anticipate and growth as novice investors got into it. Eventually, it topped out at around 20,000. During his online rant, Shervin Pishevar stated that he believed the price would crash and eventually stabilize. At this point, that prediction seems to have come true.

Another prediction that he made was on the global economy and markets. During this tweet storm, Pishevar stated that the Dow Jones would drop around 6,000 points. While this has not happened yet, there is clearly a lot of volatility in the markets. The ongoing trade wars and increasing tension involving the United States has many people concerned. He also stated that the United States will soon struggle as other countries, such as China and India, will become the more innovative countries in the world.

Betsy DeVos has finally become a name that nearly everyone in the United States recognizes. After being appointed to the position of Secretary of Education under the Trump Administration, DeVos has finally gained national recognition and a national stage upon which to advocate for the one goal that has defined her life: the reform of America’s broken education system.


DeVos came from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and largely benefitted from the best that public education had to offer. She attended a local high school and was subsequently accepted to Calvin College, a Grand Rapids-based Christian college that often ranks among the top schools in the country. It was there that Betsy DeVos met her future husband, Dick DeVos. As her husband’s career took off and the couple joined the ranks of the superrich, Betsy DeVos became involved in local philanthropic causes. It was during some of her personal visits to local schools around her hometown of Grand Rapids that she first encountered the enormous, shocking challenges that public education in the United States faces, particularly in urban learning environments.


DeVos was astonished to see the conditions under which some students were being forced to learn. She visited classrooms where the heat didn’t work in the winter, and, as a result, students were forced to wear winter jackets in class. She saw schools were serious felonies were being committed on an almost daily basis and where the teachers themselves couldn’t even name the right decade in which the Civil War took place. And, worst of all, DeVos saw, firsthand, the classrooms and schools that produced some of the highest dropout rates and failures on standardized tests anywhere in the country. She knew that these kids were being failed on a monumental scale by the incompetent educational bureaucracy and sought to do something about it.


That was the beginning of a life spent dedicated to the improvement of education in this country. DeVos has been behind the creation of dozens of charter schools and has been one of the staunchest advocates for free market solutions to the nation’s education problems. She is a firm believer that when people are given the choice between real alternatives, the resulting competitive forces ensure that the end product will be something worth having. All too often, the government-enforced monopolies that public schools effectively enjoy cause a complacency to set in that, taken to its logical end, creates a public education system that neither educates nor shapes the leaders of the future.


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One of the more recent investing strategies that have become a popular financial topic is Freedom Checks. When it comes to investing there are always going to be people who scam others. Many investors initially overlooked “Freedom Checks” because they seemed too good to be true. Matt Badiali is the man who has been pushing this supposed new phenomenon all over the financial world. Understanding who this man is and why he is pushing “freedom checks” on the investment world will enable individuals to come to the realization this is not a scam, but good investment opportunity that is misunderstood by even experienced investors.

Matt Badiali holds a master’s degree in Geology and has traveled all over the world inspecting mines and oil wells. He was able to meet with many CEO’s of energy suppliers and has extensive knowledge in the entire energy industry. One of his first big investments was after the 2008 stock market crash when he invested a huge sum of money in energy stocks and made a profit of over 4,400%. While attending the University of North Carolina working on his Ph.D., Matt Badiali discovered that he had a passion for finance and wanted to help average people invest their money, particularly in the volatile resource sector. He currently has a newsletter with Banyan Hill Publishing called the Real Wealth Strategist and has had several subscribers achieve triple-digit gains with some of his investment picks.

It is because of Matt Badialis background that he has been advertising “Freedom Checks” to the public. Although his advertisement made the investment opportunity seem somewhat overly sensational, he was advising investors to place their money in “Master Limited Partnerships”. “Freedom Checks” are just a fancy nickname describing the high distributions a company pays to its stakeholders. Since MLP’s pay no income taxes, they can distribute higher cash payments to investors than regular dividend paying stocks. MLP’s are typically involved in the oil and gas business, an area that Matt Badiali has spent much of his time as a geologist and would know the legitimacy of MLP’s as a great investment.

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