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Oncotarget is a well-known online medical journal that is gaining more popularity today. It is considered as one of the most reliable sources for scholarly articles about oncology, and according to the editor in chief Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei Gudkov, they are planning an expansion of the company. When they talk about development, they are referring to building more partners that would make it possible for Oncotarget to deliver information to a larger group of people who would like to read it. They are also working with archivists to make sure that all of the numbers, statistics, and information are accurate. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.

Every week, Oncotarget is releasing two articles that are based on different scientific fields, like cancer immunology and pathology, among others. Initially, Oncotarget only releases one article per week, but because of the rising demand for new scientific articles, Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei Gudkov decided to add one more article to be released every week, just to satisfy what the readers wanted. Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei Gudkov are known scientists who are pushing the boundaries of reality and fiction because of their extensive research about the possibility of immortality. The two are currently working as colleagues at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and they are renowned for their research that has been the subject of the scientific community for years.


With Oncotarget, Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei Gudkov are hoping that the scientists from around the world would have a better platform where they can share ideas and discoveries. They are encouraging the scientists who are into oncology to use Oncotarget as a venue where they can post their recent findings, and they are also promoting the ideas developed by scientists who are working in the same field of study.

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To compensate the scientists who are working tirelessly with Oncotarget, the company decided to send four scientists to a Singaporean event. It will be a global conference entitled, Frontiers in Cancer Science 2017, and most of the civic groups are invited. The scientists will be speaking about the latest trends in oncology and how the scientists from all over the planet try to study the behavior of the cancer cells to identify a way to exterminate it. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at

Jason Hope’s new ebook evaluates the way that the Internet of Things revolution influences different aspects of the way technology has evolved and continues to progressively improve. The Internet of Things improves the way that humans can interact with their technology.

The book explains the IoT revolution as well as its implications for mobile and web based technology. Having a good understanding of this technology is the main outcome of reading this detailed guide by Jason Hope. It goes into detail to explain the way that responsible use of this infrastructure can make a big difference in society. Based in Arizona, there are multiple ways that cyber-security threats can be defined.

There are a few specific outcomes that the Internet of Things revolution provides. These include a large scale perspective about how this technology will ultimately explode and influence significant change. Since there are a lot of differences that the IoT can cause in society it is valuable to build public awareness about it now. Jason Hope accomplishes just this in this precise and definitive guide to the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things will continue to grow and encompass technology in education, daily life and management infrastructure. There are a lot of advantages to this technology continuing to grow. With fundamental improvements to human quality of life it is clear that the Internet of Things can propagate change. It is integrated with multiple aspects of our current technology infrastructure.

Jason Hope continues to improve outlooks the Internet of Things and discusses the way that beginners may perceive the topic in this e book. This technology entrepreneur and investor has contributed a great degree to the overall development of sustainable innovation in multiple verticals. His industry leading expertise is frequently published in technology journals around the world. He has helped propel public awareness forward about this revolutionary concept and is a notable figure due to his contributions to sustainable development.

The Ebook explains the way that cyber security threats can be mitigated while technology increases its use of the Internet of Things. It explore multiple aspects of the Internet of Things as well as highly sustainable aspects the way this technology is integrated. To learn more about us click here.

The Internet of Things can be clearly understood from this comprehensive text. It presents multiple perspectives as well as opportunities for exploring the revolution as it is taking place in society today. Jason Hope from Scottsdale Arizona could not have been a more perfect authority figure to present this topic.

Even though there are several political personalities that stand on the side of big money in campaigning policies, four names in particular deserve attention as they pertain to the state of California. These state representatives are said to be in vulnerable positions according to the analysis of certain minds with their eyes on upcoming election seasons. This potential vulnerability is, in part, due to their records in house votes in past and political trends resulting from other factors.

These four representatives from California are Mimi Walters, Dana Rohrabacher, Darrell Issa and Duncan Hunter. Two of these public servants are under an unusual and heightened level of scrutiny, due to questionable dealings in their political actions. Hunter’s record has an investigation for misappropriation of funds attached to it, and Issa’s acceptance of Telecom funds smells a little fishy to some. The PAC (Political Action Committee) End Citizens United (ECU) has these four representatives named in their list of twenty that present a serious problem when it comes to fair in campaign spending. And, to make sure that truth, justice and the American way are upheld, ECU is willing to fight fire with fire to lite a fire under millions of independent voters, so to speak.

Fortunately, their record shows that they are more than capable of achieving these goals and getting results for the public at large. Each year that this PAC operates its leaders, supporters and members collectively gather millions of dollars for campaign finance reform, which may look like a discrepancy on the surface but is not. The difference between the funds that ECU makes use of and the is its source. Instead of using monies from corporations without any regulation, its financial backing is made up of individual contributions. This may seem like splitting hairs when it comes to purpose and functionality, but it actually makes a huge difference in the ways voices are carried in the political arena. The organization itself is actually a reaction to a Supreme Court decision which allows corporations to be seen as persons, therefore granting granting them the right to contribute to campaigns.

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George Soros established his Open Society Foundations in 1993, and to date, this multifaceted organization has expended some $11 billion in pursuit of its various goals. Those goals can be categorized under the umbrella description of “advocating for civil societies.”

Open Society groups have worked toward eliminating political oppression, bringing balance to countries with entrenched economic inequality, fighting poverty, aiding and assisting refugees from war-torn regions, helping minority and women’s groups, and much more.

Mr. Soros recently made a stunning announcement. The 87-year-old billionaire will give an additional $18 billion to Open Society Foundations, the vast majority of his personal wealth.

Over the decades, and even before founding Open Society in 1993, Soros had already been using his wealth to fight some of the major evils of the modern age, including the apartheid system in South Africa, the Russian-Communist grip that once held Poland and a communist-leaning government in Hungary.

Soros writes about these efforts and explains his motivation in a famous essay he penned in 1997 called “The Capitalist Threat.” In it he explains that any overarching theory of societal control can go astray if that philosophy believes that “It” and “Only It” is in possession of the absolute truth – and that includes the western belief that free-market, laissez-faire capitalism is an infallible system.

Naturally these views have earned George Soros enemies on all sides of the political spectrum. His willingness to be critical of the sanctity of capitalism has especially earned him enemies on the political right – including most Republicans and far right conspiracy forces in the United States.

George Soros is perhaps among the most demonized philanthropists ever for trying to do good works through his humanitarian and advocacy activities through the Open Society Foundations, and

But much of his motivation comes by way of personal experience. Born a Jew in Hungary in 1930, Soros and his family experienced first-hand what it was like to be persecuted by fascists. Soros was a teenager when the Nazis invaded Hungary and immediately began to persecute its Jewish population.

He saw how the opposite of fascism – communism – was also oppressive of individual liberties by observing how such government systems treated their populations in Russia, East Germany and Soros’ Hungarian homeland, and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Soros readily admits that he was able to make himself enormously rich in a free-market, capitalist system, but he is deeply concerned about the vast inequities he sees emerging. For example, most of the wealth produced by such a system is being controlled by a tiny few. Also, while competition is a good thing, Soros says it can be taken too far at the expensive of cooperation and helping those with disadvantages – again, he makes these remarks in his “The Capitalist Threat” essay.

Certainly, Soros is a complex man – but there is no doubt he has striven mightily and passionately to use his wealth for the betterment of his fellow mankind. His now much-cash-bolstered Open Society Foundations promises to remain a force for decades to come.

Billboard magazine recently released a retroactive and prolific look at some of the most powerful women executives in the music industry in 2017. The list included a variety of women who have established their place in a industry known for being dominated by men, as well as their views on what has made them successful, and a women’s place in the future of the business side of music. The list included a multitude of notable names, including Wendy Goldstein, Executive Vice President of A&R for Republic Records, and Michelle Jubelirer, Chief Operating Office of Capitol Music Group. Included in the article were many of the company leader’s statements of the struggle of succeeding as a woman in the music entertainment business, including one potent quote by Nicki Farag, Senior VP of Promotion at Def Jam Records, who says to stop expecting the same breaks as male counterparts, because they’re not coming.

Desiree Perez is one name on the list that has struggled past the stereotypes of women executives in the music industry to cut out a place for herself on the business side of Hip-Hop, a genre even more notorious for its focus on men leaders. Perez has held her own, however, and has become known as the woman behind a variety of Sean ‘Jay Z’ Carter’s various artistic and business successes. Currently, Desiree sits as Chief Operating Officer for renowned label Roc Nation, a company who she has been with since it was established almost ten year ago in 2008.

By brokering a 200 million dollar investment from Sprint for Jay Z led Streaming service, and Roc Nation affiliate, TIDAL, this year, Perez was able to breathe new life into the company. The move also ensured Jay’s fourteenth studio album went platinum before even hitting store shelves, when the mobile phone conglomerate sponsored one million free downloads of 4:44. Through impressive power plays and the intelligence to focus on lucrative opportunities, Perez will undoubtedly go on to lead the Roc to incredible new heights.


This article is an overview of Equities First Holdings Limited (London).

The company is based in London and was originally known as Meridian Equity Partners Limited who was bought out by Equities First Holdings Limited at around September 5, 2014.

Since the company was bought out they have gone on to do an greater amount of business that they do which is as a financial services company as well as a holding company in the UK.

The overview of this company was collected by Bloomberg which has not given very much information beyond the name of the company and the time of its buyout.

They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of remorse. And, they also say a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Now, these little truisms may have little to no comfort for those who are already sitting in a hospital bed wondering what went wrong last night when their left arm went numb. That is precisely why institutions and establishments such as Life Line Screening ardently recommend preventive care as a regimen ones health care routine. This is especially true when it comes to heart health or Cardiology.

For some time, people have been under the assumption or they operate under the assumption of the “Wake Up Call” mentality. Which is a polite euphemism for a heart attack that sneaks up on a person when they least expect it. But Life Line Screening knows that this doesn’t have to be a part of the human condition, much like the midlife crisis. And, there are methods to preventing bad things from happening to your body starting at the heart.

As a matter of fact, there is even a study that supports this claim as well. The best part about these situations is that there are a number of screening procedures to go through to catch a plethora of possible medical problems down the line, before that light at the end of the tunnel turns out to be a train headed straight for you. Studies conducted around cardio screenings show that people who know that there’s trouble down the line actually take motivated steps to prevent this very same trouble coming their way. This suggests that people do want healthy lifestyles but just simply lack the motivation to take the initial steps that make it a reality.

The fact that cardio screening is so crucial to patients around the age of 50 and above and yet it is something that healthcare providers have to push on this community comes off as a little perplexing from the outside looking in. However, it is a challenge for doctors to facilitate discussion between themselves and their patients if there is no open communication starting from these patients themselves. In other words, it is simply impossible and frankly a little irresponsible for a doctors to have to guess at what might be right for a person and their body. People have to become familiar with the three simple basic steps that are necessary for cardio screenings with comes down to blood, ultrasound and electric graphing, EKG.

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Cancer research has produced some amazing results in the fight against cancer. Some of the most promising drugs have been introduced in only the past two decades. The industry is buzzing with new reports, and these reports have some amazing news. England’s Chief Medical Officer has reported that small defects in DNA can possibly lead to cancer and other illnesses. The human body has an estimated 20,000 genes and one of the best ways of testing for illness is via DNA testing. This highly influential professional thinks that DNA testing should be mandated through blood tests and biopsies because the testing is very promising.

On the other hand, bladder cancer is a hot topic, and it’s causing a stir. Out of the 348 patients that took a urine test, 80 percent of the individuals had faulty proteins or TERT. This research was conducted in France at the University of Lyon. These simple urine tests are very efficient and effective for predicting bladder cancer or the recurrence of bladder cancer. This type of urine testing is twice as effective as the standard cytology testing. Thanks to the involvement of advanced-technologies, scientists and doctors can use specific machines to present and to read the results. Bladder cancer falls under Seattle Genetics’ jurisdiction, and this company has some of the leading cancer-fighting drugs on the planet. The company is lead by Dr. Clay Siegall. This man has up to 30 years of experience in the game by working with companies such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of Health. Seattle Genetics specializes in developing and commercializing cancer-breakthrough therapies.

Siegall founded the company in 1998 when it was a small startup, but as of today, it’s powerhouse in cancer research with close to 1,000 employees. In just the past few years, Seattle Genetics’ stock has tripled and that speaks volumes.

Countless studies come out every year citing either risks or benefits related to drinking coffee and health. The most recent studies show that coffee drinkers show less risk of death by a wide variety of illnesses. What’s more, the benefits are seen across all races of the population.

Drinking coffee has always been a popular trend, but with the medical benefits that some people realize and increased age, it is easy to see why anyone would be happy to maintain the habit. Not only are the number of coffee drinkers falling ill less, but their lives are much longer than those that do not drink the beverage. Researchers have not been able to pinpoint the exact cause or reason for why these results are realized, but they are promising. Read more at PRNewswire about Organo Gold.

Organo Gold offers coffee that is supplemented with organic ganoderma, and the drink is so popular that other products have been created as well. Coffee is the most popular product in the line though both because of the taste but because coffee drinkers are already habitual consumers which make the supplement an easy change to get used to. The Organo Gold product line is filled with options that make it easy to add coffee to your daily diet if you are not already drinking the beverage on a daily basis. Regular coffee drinkers can choose from all types of coffee beverages to that they can enjoy their usual cup and enjoy both the health benefits of coffee and additional benefits of the supplement. Organo Gold is also available at

The brand is committed to providing some of the best supplemental products that come in many forms of consumables. Brand suppliers bring those products directly to consumers so that people are able to sample several different option and find what works best for them.



Greg Secker is more than just a professional whose career spans over years and includes critically-key maneuvers and decisions such as education and inspiration. The simple fact is to do what he does, which turns out to be running his business from home, you have to be using your head for more than a hat rack. Hence, the best information about someone who operates on the genius level comes from really paying attention to what they have to say in a meeting-of-minds way.

Luckily, for anyone who would like to know what is going one in the mind if one Greg Secker, he just happens to be one heck of a guy. He pleasantly admits to being fully flexible, when it comes to his business day and providing what his people need from him. This makes him a maverick. However, there is always something new for him to learn and incorporate in to his repertoire.

And even though his daily services into making new connections, directing and even holding board meetings from home, his power and purpose is derived from one task. This is trading. And, his experience in this industry is so extensive that he is now good enough to teach other how to do so.

Beside having the prerequisite training and know how to trade, there has to be more in the mind’s eye and the eye’s sight to execute plans and see things through. This is how he operates when completing tasks to get the bests from the day throughout the years of doing business, because he is a businessman, first and always. But, there is also just a little bit of the poet and adventurer when it comes the executive styles he uses. More specifically, Secker understands that a person operates best when they are working or thinking, but they cannot do both to their nest capabilities. This is how he keeps his own professional productivity on the up and up.

Greg Secker states that it is all about breaking through whatever emotional barrier is holding you back from reaching ultimate efficiency. For example, it is not good enough to have a good idea and wonder how things should go while nothing happens day after day. He says you have to push it, which translates to plan and follow through daily.

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